Tsubaki's Lame Deep Meaning T-Shirt
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Kanji 椿ダサTオクがフカイ
Romaji Tsubaki dasa T okugafukai
Air Date July 19, 2012
Manga Chapters 130 & 140
Opening Clear
Ending Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta

Tsubaki's Lame Deep Meaning T-Shirt is the 67th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Tsubaki shows off his lame t-shirt, and his student council members are not looking forward to it. Sojiro promises Tsubaki that he will wear his t-shirt if it's stylish. Tsubaki heads over to asks Bossun for his artistic advice. Meanwhile, Switch and Bossun are evenly matched in their quiz challenge on a popular mecha anime show, Code A: Chian's Counterattack. Switch invites Bossun to a meeting between the otaku to see who is best between him and Switch.

Can Tsubaki make a cool t-shirt that wows Sojiro and can Bossun prove his worth as an otaku?


When things get hot, Sasuke takes off his uniform and reveals his poorly designed shirt. Shinba and the others are not looking forward to seeing Sasuke's bizarre tastes in shirts. Sojiro enters the room, and he calls Tsubaki's shirt, lame. As a result, Tsubaki loses it. Over at the Sket Dan clubroom, Tsubaki asks Bossun for his help, and Himeko gets all excited that Tsubaki and Bossun are getting some brotherly love. Tsubaki dives in to see Bossun's Sket Dan t-shirt up close and personal. When Bossun mentions his mother designed the shirt, Tsubaki thinks Bossun force his poor mother to do it. Bossun corrects Tsubaki and explains his mother is a designer. Tsubaki requests Bossun to asks his mother to help designed a top quality t-shirt.

Moments later, Tsubaki works on his design, and it's a simple shirt with the kanji saying "endless summer." Bossun asks Tsubaki why he picks that word, and Tsubaki mentions that Sojiro suggests the theme. When Bossun's comments on the characters, Tsubaki decides to draw some waves and a surfer under the Kanji for sea. Bossun notes that his poor drawing looks like a fairy stuck in vegetables, and he suggests using English words. Then, Tsubaki asks Bossun what he will do. Bossun explains that he would draw palm trees and the background. He proceeds to draw a woman in a bikini, and he informs Sasuke that he can photocopy a photo if he can draw well. Furthermore, he talks about the color scheme. Sasuke decides to work at his home to avoid being influenced by Bossun. Over at the Tsubaki Clinic, Sasuke prepares his design, and he heads over to Akane to ask her to print his design. The next day, Sasuke reveals his new shirt, and Sojiro has to wear it. The Offline Meeting

While Bossun plays with his action figures from a mecha anime show called Code A: Chian's Counterattack, Switch states that the last episode had aired. When Hime remarks that Bossun cannot beat Switch, Bossun asks Switch to quiz him. After some ridiculous and irrelevant questions, the two reach a draw. Switch proposes a meet-up where online otaku(s) meet up in real life, and Hime thinks Bossun will get beaten. Switch lends Bossun some study materials which includes a random book, Code of Conduct for Young People. Later, Rumi delivers some cookies to Bossun, and she finds Bossun deep in his Otaku studies. She brings Akane who comments that Bossun is like Sasuke since they both have tunnel vision. Bossun uses his concentration ability to cram. On the day of the meet-up, Bossun receives a text message from Switch who cannot participate due to a cold.

In the meet-up, the guys do a toast before they all introduce themselves. Bossun is confused about the nerds, and he is surprised at how old they are. Now, they get ready to do a karaoke, and Bossun gets lost. He asks one of the guys to sings on the mic, so he does not look like an awkward guy. Then, the second verse plays, and Bossun could not sing since he does not know the verse and the characters on the screen go by fast. The 20,000 Yen man asks everyone to share some last words before they part ways, and he asks Bossun for his opinion. Bossun blurts out a lengthy quote from the Code of Conduct book, and he wows the Otaku. Later, Switch is annoyed that Bossun has beat him.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Sojiro is the only who wears Tsubaki's t-shirt. Compared to the anime, the other student council members wear it in the eye catch sequence.
  • Altercations: In the manga scene where Tsubaki asks Bossun for help, he is wearing his uniform without the blue suit. Whereas in the anime, he does wear his suit.
  • In the Offline Meeting chapter, Akane does not make an appearance.
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