Trouble Travel (6)

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Kanji トラブル・トラベルー⑥
Romaji Toraburu toraberū 6


Bossun saves Himeko, cuts her ropes, and she hugs Bossun for a while. After a short conversation about the fight, etc., Himeko attempted a confession-like thing, but Switch came in. They call the cops, and spend the second day sleeping in. The third day they have to leave, but first they buy souvenirs while Sumire thanks the Sket-dan for their help. Somehow, Dante, Shinzou, Captain, and Yabasawa are in Osaka too, so everyone takes a group picture.

On the ride back, Himeko gets a text and a photo from Sumire. The photo is Himeko glancing at Bossun when they were buying takoyaki.

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