Trouble Travel (5)

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Kanji トラブル・トラベルー⑤
Romaji Toraburu toraberū 5


Bossun starts fighting Tsune and his lackeys with his pachinko shooter and goggles. When Bossun runs out of the room to lure the lackeys away, Tsune tries to beat Himeko up again after Himeko shouts after Bossun. The lackeys are lead into a dark area and Bossun actually knocks them all out after a while. Only Tsune is left!

They start fighting, and Tsune steals all of Bossun's spare pachinko balls. After that, Bossun gets really beat up, and Tsune finally finds a baseball bat. Suddenly, Bossun finds a takoyaki key-chain in his pocket, and uses that to slow Tsune down and to finally give him the finishing punch.

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