Trouble Travel (3)

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Kanji トラブル・トラベルー③
Romaji Toraburu toraberū 3


While Sumire is in the bathroom, she receives a call from Tsune. Himeko answers it and gives him a piece of her mind, leading to him telling her to come and meet him if she wants to "save" her friend. At the end of the evening, Himeko and Sumire part ways... but Himeko doesn't go straight back to the hotel where the Sket Dan are staying. Growing worried as it gets later and later, Bossun calls Sumire and she ends up coming over so she, Bossun and Switch can puzzle out where Himeko has gone.

Meanwhile, Himeko meets Sumire's delinquent ex-boyfriend Tsune at a park. After a short conversation, a group of his cohorts jump out of the bushes and subdue Himeko by force.

Back at the hotel, Sumire realizes that Himeko must have read the text message from Tsune. It isn't long before she, Bossun and Switch discover that Himeko also answered a call from him, as well. Sumire panics, as Himeko isn't aware of just how dangerous Tsune is, and Bossun uses his concentration mode to figure out Himeko and Tsune's designated meeting location. He and Switch take off for the park, telling Sumire to stay behind and call them if anything comes up.

Elsewhere, a beaten and tied up Himeko sits in a speeding car along with Tsune and a couple of his hooligan cohorts. Listening to them talk, she realizes that she's in deep trouble...