Trouble Travel (1)

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Kanji トラブル・トラベルー①
Romaji Toraburu toraberū 1
Himeko, Bossun, Switch, Shin Misora, Himeko's Mother, Chiaki Takahashi, Moe Yabasawa, Shinzo Takemitsu, Dante, Remi Misora


Remi's brother Shin is going to take Bossun, Switch, Shinzō and Dante camping for Golden Week, but Himeko is adamant about wanting to go too. Bossun explains that Shin's car only seats 5, and everyone going is a guy, so this time, it'll just be him and Switch going - which makes Himeko all the more determined and frustrated.

At home, Himeko receives a letter from an old friend in Osaka, leading her, Chiaki and Yabasawa into planning their own trip in order to visit. The two groups start comparing how amazing their individual trips are going to be, with the boys ultimately growing jealous of the girls' plans.

Suddenly, Bossun receives a call from Shin only to learn that Remi managed to wreck his car, so the camping trip has to be cancelled. Himeko's group, feeling bad over how depressed this leaves the boys, suggests that all of them go together to Osaka. Just as this is decided, four ringtones go off at once and Shinzō, Chiaki, Yabasawa and Dante are all called elsewhere by friends and family. In the end, as the girls had already bought three train tickets, the Sket Dan trio end up taking the trip by themselves. Now, it's off to Osaka!