Together with Oneesan and a Bad Scientist

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Kanji おねえさんとバッド・サイエンティストといっしょ
Romaji Oneesan to baddo saientisuto to issho
Air Date October 6, 2011
Manga Chapters 63 & 65
Opening Graffiti
Ending Milk and Chocolate

Together with Oneesan and a Bad Scientist (おねえさんとバッド・サイエンティストといっしょ, Oneesan to baddo saientisuto to issho) is the 27th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Remi is a new teacher who requests the Sket Dan to help fix her personality. Meanwhile, Switch shows off his failed inventions.


In class 2-C, Chuuma-sensei is introducing a new teacher that will temporary replace Sayama-sensei. When the teacher comes in, she greets everyone in the class cheerly, but all students just freeze because of her weird behaviour. The teacher then introduces herself as Misora Remi. Bossun then realizes that Remi was a singer on a children TV program. Remi says cheerly that she has been dreaming of becoming a teacher and she feels so happy now that she's a teacher.

After the introduction Remi tells the students to call her "Onee-san" and the boys seem okay with that. Later, Remi keeps doing mistakes, and at lunch time, Remi appears to bring two boxes of cooked rice. She says embarrassedly that she was making lunch for her younger brother, but it seems it got swapped. Bossun, Switch and Himeko then give away her some of their side dishes. Bossun asks Remi if she about her clumsiness, and they try to think a way to cure her clumsiness. Switch gives an idea about asking Chuuma-sensei for medicine, but they aren't sure of it.

However when they visit Chuuma, it appears that Chuuma has a medicine that can cure clumsiness. Chuuma then gives a medicine with "Cold and Tolerant" label and after Remi drank it, her personality becomes cold towards others and her clumsiness hasn't been cured at all. Chuuma then gives another potion, and her personality just becomes too calm. After that Bossun yells at Chuuma about his potions failures. Chuuma shows all potions he made, and Switch suggests that fix her personality is better than change her personality, but Chuuma tells them to try another potion.

After trying so many potions, Remi got tired. Chuuma asks Remi if she still wants to do it or not, and Remi replies no. Bossun protests why isn't Chuuma giving any motivation to Remi, and Chuuma gives his advice to Remi. After hearing Chuuma's advice Bossun comments about how wise his advice was, and Chuuma hands over a bottle of mineral water to Remi. He says that suggestion is better than not doing anything. Remi thanks Chuuma for advising her. Later, before Remi enters class 2-C, she remembers Chuuma's word and drinks water from the bottle Chuuma gave her. However, Remi becomes weird and it appears that Chuuma has mistakenly put another potion into it.

Later, Remi visits Sket Dan club room to help them, but she just making the club room into mess. The trio then clean the club room together. When Bossun opens the locker, he finds a cartoon box and he brings it out from the locker, but the box is heavier than he thought and asks what's making it so heavy. Switch tells them that inside the box are inventions he invented before for helping someone. Remi gets excited and she opens the box, just to find a head. Switch explains that it is called "Fu-Fu Fuuka-chan" and he made it for Otakura. Switch then shows another thing he invented, "Mandoseru" that looks even creepier.

After that he shows a better looking invention, "Hover Shoes". They then go outside to try it, but when Bossun tries it, it appears that it can't be used for walking forward and keeps hovering in its place. Switch again shows his another invention, this time is "Cheer-Up Bazooka". The bazooka looks okay, but Switch says that when firing the bazooka, the shooter's shoulder could be separated from the body. Bossun yells again at Switch, and finally Switch shows something that looks useful, "Scope-ion". Bossun tries it for looking to a bird and he gets excited because finally Switch's invention works perfectly. Himeko, Remi, and Bossun praise Switch for his great invention, but Switch says that Scope-ion is also a failure. When the bird flies, it makes Bossun rotate his neck suddenly and resulting neck sprain.

Remi starts to doubt the trio when Yabasa comes in panic. She tells them that one of the boy from kindergarten that visit the school for seeing cheerleader club training, Daichi, went missing. They quickly rush to find him. Switch suggests to use Scope-ion locating mode to find him. Bossun do as Switch said, and he finds Daichi playing in the schoold building, and he nearly falls. Bossun enters his concentration mode. He quickly wears Hover Shoes and Mandoseru and orders Himeko to insert the bazooka into Mandoseru's mouth. When Daichi falls, Himeko fires the bazooka and Bossun successfully saves Daichi from the fall.

Remi gets stunned after seeing their teamwork, and thinks that she shouldn't doubt them. Bossun warns her as he approaches her because the impact from the bazooka keeps him from stopping and he hands over Daichi to her. Bossun finally stops after he runs into a wall. Remi laughes at Bossun together with Himeko and Yabasawa.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Remi is not present in the manga version of Bad Scientist.
  • In the manga, the child falls from a burning building. Compared to the anime, the child falls from a building for trying to catch a dragonfly.
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