The last day of president

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Volume Volume 17
Anime Episode 70
Sōjirō Agata, Mimori Unyū, Sasuke Tsubaki, Michiru Shinba, Kikuno Asahina, Bossun


Agata receives a phone call that Saaya is being held hostage. In order to save her, he must follow the clues given to him by the caller and solve the puzzles set up at several locations. Once he reaches the final location, he notices his fellow Student Council members in the windows of the next building. Beside each member is a letter and, when he tilts his head to the side, the letters spell out "otsukare" (thanks for all your hard work). Bossun arrives, revealing himself to have been the caller and Saaya to have been safe all along. The entire situation had been created at the request of the other student council members, who had wanted to give a grand farewell to their outgoing president. Agata and General Affairs Manager Michiru then retire from the student council in preparation for their upcoming graduation.

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