The Twin-tailed Tsundere Girl

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Kanji ツインテールツンデレガール
Romaji Tsuinteeru tsundere gaaru
Air Date April 5, 2012
Manga Chapters 128 & 129
Opening N/A
Ending Colors

The Twin-tailed Tsundere Girl (ツインテールツンデレガール, Tsuinteeru tsundere gaaru) is the 52nd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


The Sket Dan get a request from Saaya, a girl who looks and acts like something right out of a dating sim game. She wants to try and get rid of her tsundere tendencies toward boys, and so starts coming to the clubroom everyday in an attempt to become comfortable speaking with the opposite sex. Later, Saaya finds an abandoned pet owl in the park and the Sket Dan end up caring for it in their clubroom. Owls are supposed to be carnivorous and hard to raise, but... this one is almost ridiculously tame.


It begins with a dating sim game played on the DSP. A tsundere girl called Sayaka plays hard to get in her stereotypical tsundere mode to Bossun which makes him stop playing the game. He yells at the game which startles Hime. Switch asks Bossun if he is not into tsundere characters, and Bossun replies that no one can have a thing for her. In response, Switch adds on that Sayaka is very popular. When Hime sighs, Bossun asks her if she knows what a Tsundere is. He starts out by demonstrating typical responses. Hime yells out that no one in real life can be like that. Suddenly, Saaya pops in and yells out that she didn't came here because she wanted anything. The Sket Dan are dumbfounded when they see a Tsundere person just like the character in the video game. Bossun try to ask her what she wants, but Saaya scolds him for not introducing himself. After the gang introduce themselves, Saaya says hello and mistakenly thinks they are foreigners much to Bossun's frustration. Switch notices something about Saaya. She leaves the room only to come back because she forgot to ask them for help. The Sket Dan crew learn that Saaya wants to get rid of her Tsundere personality. Saaya begins verbally abusing Bossun, and Hime asks her politely about her situation. In summary, Switch explains that Saaya is normal with girls, but around boys, she is unsociable with them. Meanwhile, Sojiro thinks he heard something, and Sasuke thinks it is the Sket Dan with the usual shenanigans. Daisy calls Sasuke a tsundere with the others teasing Sasuke much to Sasuke's frustration. Back at the Sket Dan homeroom, Bossun and Saaya are going to do a conversation, so Saaya can deal with boys better.

Yet, Bossun gets embarrassed. To fix this situation, Switch proposes that Bossun creates a scenario. Bossun narrates about a couple at the cafe who try to confess to each other. Though, Bossun cannot act out the scenario. Saaya tells Bossun that he should speak to her as a friend and that she will get used to it. Bossun states that she can hang out here. Later, Bossun and the others find out that Saaya loves animals and reading literature. He struggles to think what Saaya lacks, and Switch states a little sister attribute which Hime doesn't understand. By the river, Saaya goes home and smiles contently when she remembers Bossun saying farewell. At the Sket Dan homeroom, Chiaki barges in and asks them to come quickly. She and the gang meet Saaya by the river. Saaya leads them to an abandoned animal and asks them if they could raise in the Sket Dan room. Later, Bossun walks out with an owl on his arm. Back in the homeroom, the others feel it is strange to keep an owl here, but Saaya finds it cute. Saaya uses a quote to reinforce the need to help the owl. Finally, Bossun lets her until the owl has healed its legs. Hime thinks raising an owl is like a parakeet. However, Switch states that owls are carnivorous and are believed to be bad omens and harbingers of death. He continues to scare them by explaining the owl needs to fed live mice or defrosted mice. Chiaki wonders if they can use a microwave to defrost a mice.

The following day, Switch reminds them that he has lost his Madame Familia which he needs to trade with Otakura to get back his Cynical Stick. Coming in, Saaya arrives with sausages, and Hosuke eats happily and flies to Bossun. Surprisingly, the owl is really tame and coos happily in Bossun's hands. The others think it will not fly away home, but Switch proposes to wait when it's dark since owls are noturnal. At sunset, Bossun sets Hosuke outside. He tells Saaya that owls must go back to the wild and that they cannot keep an animal. Switch and Hime cannot stay with Bossun and Saaya. Hime looks like she realizes something between Saaya and Bossun before she leaves. Later that night, Hosuke finally flies home, and the two are shouting for joy, but suddenly, Hosuke flies back with something that looks like a mouse. Yet, it turns out that Hosuke brought back Madame Familia. On the following day, Switch congrats Hosuke for doing a fine job. It looks like Hosuke is staying in the Sket Dan room when Switch's Cynical Stick is used for Hosuke's perch. Saaya enters with sausages, and everyone smiles happily.

After the Credits

Saaya finds out that Bossun is Sasuke's twin brother. Bossun jokes with her how they don't need to change her personality. Saaya blushes at Bossun's words. She starts calling Bossun an idiot (playfully), and the two argue while Hime wonders why Bossun is not realizing that Saaya is smitten by him. Then, Sasuke and Sojiro appear. He greets Saaya and Saaya greets him as her big brother. Thus, shocking Bossun and Hime. Sasuke tells them that he has heard about an animal kept in their place. Saaya manages to convince Sojiro to let the Sket Dan keep Hosuke.


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Cast & Credits

Yūsuke Fujisaki (Bossun): Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko): Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch): Tomokazu Sugita
Saaya Agata: Kana Hanazawa

Sasuke Tsubaki: Hiro Shimono
Chiaki Takahashi: Satomi Satō
Sōjirō Agata: Tomokazu Seki

Anime and Manga Differences

  • The anime connects these two chapters as one continuous story. Compared to the manga, these two chapters are separate stories.
  • Continuity Alterations: In the manga, Bossun and the others find out that Saaya is Sojiro's little sister before they meet Hosuke, the owl.
  • Anime Only Scene: Sojiro and his council tease Sasuke for being a Tsundere.
  • Missing Characters in the Manga Version: Chiaki is not present during the search for Hosuke, and Sasuke is not with Sojiro during the encounter of the Sket Dan.
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