The Twin-tailed Tsundere Girl

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Kanji ツインテールツンデレガール
Romaji Tsuinteeru tsundere gaaru
Volume 15
Anime Episode 52
Bossun, Hime Onizuka, Switch, Saaya Agata, Sojiro Agata


Bossun plays a dating sim game where a Tsundere female character plays hard to get with him. He yells at her and quits playing. Switch asks Bossun if he is interested in tsundere, and Bossun tells him that no one has a thing for Tsundere in real life. When Hime is puzzled, Bossun does a demonstration of a typical tsundere girl. Out of nowhere, Saaya barges in their clubroom, and she requests them to help get rid of her Tsundere personality. They learn Saaya acts inhospitable with boys. Throughout the day, Saaya hangs out with the Sket Dan, so she can get used to boys, mainly Bossun. At the end of the day, the Sket Dan crew find out that Saaya is Sojiro's younger sister.

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