The Super Awesome Pii Ah!-Shborn

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Kanji ゴッツーケーピーアッシュボーン
Romaji Gottsūkēpīasshubōn
Volume 19
Himeko, Bossun, Koma, Dante


After seeing Bossun attempt to imitate 'The Super Awesome Fishborn' a random character off a TV Program, Himeko can't stop laughing. Due to having a cold whenever Bossun pulls the face and says the name his nose whistles. This has the effect that throughout the day whenever Himeko hears a whistling sound she recalls the expression and starts laughing.

This gets her in trouble as several people such as Koma and Dante come in for consulation for dead pets, other come in with requests and Himeko keeps having inappropriate fits of giggles whenever Bossun accidently whistles. This makes her leave early to avoid anymore incidents.

However, everything around her causes her to laugh - a passerby's awful wig, an old lady's face that looks like Fishborn, a crying student, a man being chased by a dog, etc. - until she tries to hide her face under make-up, which makes her end up looking demonic. She decides to retreat to a department store roof to calm down and avoid people. But when she gets to the roof she find the police and a suicidal man threatening to jump, again she starts laughing, which frightens the man long enough for the police to grab him. She is given recognition by the police but when she goes to smile she can't as she has laughed herself to her limits and can't even smile.

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