The Sket Dan Manga Project

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Kanji スケット団漫画化計画
Romaji Sukettodan mangaka keikaku
Volume Volume 3
Anime Episode 9
Agata Sōjirō (Newspaper), Sasuke Tsubaki (Newspaper), Shinba Michiru (Newspaper), Mimori Unyū (Newspaper), Daisy (Newspaper), Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Enta Hinohara


Still upset over the Student Council's victory over the Spider's Association, Bossun rushes out to catch a purse snatcher to one-up them. However, he is stopped when a mangaka named Enta Hinohara turns up, wanting to collect data to use in his new series. The truth is, Enta had visited the Student Council earlier and, after becoming their fan, planned to use them as character models. Agata told him to visit the Sket Dan if he wanted to find interesting people. Seeing his chance to not only win big if the manga is successful, but to also one-up the Student Council, Bossun seizes the opportunity for an interview.

Unfortunately, Enta is unimpressed by Bossun's abilities and personality, so he starts to leave. Himeko literally yanks him back with her hockey stick and he discovers that she's perfect main character material. He is equally enthused when Switch speaks up and subsequently he invites them both to lunch.

Enta leaves, beaten up and resigned to using the Student Council, while Himeko and Switch comfort Bossun. At the same time, the purse-snatcher appears and steals Enta's bag, which contains all of his manuscripts. The Sket Dan go into action, successfully catching the thief with their combined abilities. Enta is impressed by their teamwork and their 'We're the Sket Dan!' pose. He thanks them and tells them that he's found the inspiration for his new series.

A short while later, Enta's series makes its debut. The series is called 'We're the Student Council!' and features Tsubaki, Agata, and Mimori in the customary Sket Dan pose.


  • Enta Hinohara is named for and a parody of Sket Dance's mangaka Kenta Shinohara.