The Secret Disciplinary Committee

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Kanji ひみつの懲罰委員会
Romaji Himitsu no chōbatsuiinkai
Volume 18
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Tsubaki, Board Director, School Principal, Shinzo, Captain, Reiko, Junichi Son, Kunio Yamanobe


After the events of the previous chapter where the clubroom was burnt down, Tsubaki finds the Sket Dan and passes on a message - they've been summoned by the Disciplinary Committee - Bossun jokes that he'll be find but Tsubaki apologises that there is nothing he can do to help them...

In a dark room the Trio are surrounded by masked figures, Switch works out form their voices they are a collection of the School Board, the Principal and Head Year Teachers and the mysterious Board Director. The Trio have been summoned under the accusation of Arson and they are there to decide on their punishment. Although they considered most of Yamanobe's report on the incident to be nonsense, they were able to conclude that the Sket Dan were responsible. The Sket Dan themselves try to explain how it happened - Bossun used a strange hand gesture that caused a card to burst into flame - but the committee aren't impressed with this explanation (although they do remark that it followed Yamanobe's report) and decide that if they won't admit responsibility are give them cause to write it off as an accident then the Trio are to be Expelled.

Luckily, at this moment, various people who the Sket Dan have helped - including teachers such as J-Son and Yamanobe - burst in and plead with the council to spare them. The Board Director, reminded of his youth as leader of a similar group (The Otasuke-Gumi), instead punishes them to 10 hours Community Service each and to be under the watch of the Student Council until the Clubroom is rebuilt.


  • There are joking references to make it appear to be the final chapter
  • Bossun and Himeko both show awareness that they are in a gag manga which confuses other characters like Tsubaki and the Board Director.
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