The Road Roman Takes

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Kanji ロマンが道を往く
Romaji Roman ga michi o iku
Volume 18
Anime Episode 73
Bossun, Himeko, Roman Saotome, Fumi Segawa, Michinori Magata, Nozomu Saikawa, Kezuka


Himeko is in the Manga Club reading Shojo Manga with Roman (with Bossun hanging around with nothing better to do) when they're interruptted by Magata and Saikawa, members of the other Manga Club that specialises in Shounen Manga. Roman explains that the Manga Club used to be one but split into two over the argument of which is better - Shojo or Shounen? Magata starts causing a fuss and pestering Roman and Fumi.

To settle the argument between the two Clubs, Kezuka, the faculty advisor of both Manga Clubs suggests that both clubs write their own manga and that he will judge them to decide which is better. Roman chooses Bossun to be her assistant to balance the numbers.

Magata and Saikawa's manga proves to be equally as nonsensical as Roman's usually is but Roman wins over Kezuka as he finds hers more interesting (and Bossun's art skill in the backgrounds also helps improve Roman's terrible artstyle)

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