The Prince of the Hill

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Kanji 坂の上の王子様
Romaji Saka no ue no ōji-sama
Volume Volume 1
Anime Episode 4
Roman Saotome, Bossun, Himeko, Switch


Enter Roman, a girl who views the world as if it were a shōjo manga. She asks the Sket Dan to find the "prince" she saw tending to a bedraggled puppy in the rain. However, as she doesn't know his name, she instead shows the Sket Dan a picture she drew of him... only to reveal that she is actually a horrible artist. In contrast, Bossun turns out to be an excellent one. As the foursome check out the original scene of the sighting, Roman's description of the puppy leads Bossun to realize that the "prince" she saw was in fact him, with a drenched Pelollipop towel. She soon comes to the same realization, after he pushes her out of the way of an oncoming truck.

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