The Ninja, the Demon, and the Red Horns

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Kanji 忍と鬼と赤い角
Romaji Shinobi to oni to akai tsuno
Volume 18
Anime 75
Tsubaki, Mimori, Kiri Katou, Himeko, Daijirō Kutsuwa Bossun


While Tsubaki tries to reason with the main offender to break up a fight, Katou attacks the student instead, in fear the student throws a chair at Katou who dodges it causing it to hit Mimori instead. This causes a fight between Katou and Tsubaki as he is fed up with Katou's heavyhanded methods and his refusal to consider and cooperate with the rest of the council. As Himeko passes by, Tsubaki echoes Bossun's words to her at Katou - 'lend us your strength'...

Following Katou, Himeko questions him as to why he is so cold. In the past Katou attended a school where he and his friends were bullied, however when asking the teachers for help they just laughed and accused him of making the other students bully him. This caused Katou to give up on authority and friends, he joined the council with the aim to become the President so as to prevent this school becoming like that. Himeko herself, feeling that she can relate to this tells him if she could reverse her attitude perhaps he can too, although he feels no desire too...

Meanwhile, Bossun has been watching Himeko and Katou from afar and tries to listen in to their conversation, he mishears and misinterprets many parts of their conversation and leaves wondering if they are going out...


  • It is revealed that Katou was a person Himeko saved during her Onihime days, hence why he recognized her earlier.
  • Episode 75 covers all of this chapter except for Bossun's scenes.
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