The Manga Girl Goes Wild and Holds a Meeting

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Kanji 漫画乙女は荒野を目指して会議する
Romaji Manga otome ha kōya o mezashite kaigisuru
Air Date June 07, 2012
Manga Chapters 115 and 125
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

The Manga Girl Goes Wild and Holds a Meeting (漫画乙女は荒野を目指して会議する, Manga otome ha kōya o mezashite kaigisuru) is the 61st episode of the Sket Dance anime.


When Bossun and Himeko are going to return Roman 's manga that they lent, they see the different side of Roman when she's being a mangaka and senior in Manga club. Meanwhile, one of her junior Fumi is the best artist of the club but couldn't make a good storyboard.

The Sket Dan trio is on their 'imitating' people game especially from Student Council like Bossun imitating Sojiro, Himeko imitating Daisy and Switch imitating Mimori 's voice. Later, Sasuke came and mistaken the Sket Dan room to Student Council Room because he lost his contact lens.


Roman struggles to create a heroine for her manga, and Hime and Bossun arrive where Fumi informs them that Roman is struggling on her storyboards. Roman explains that her one shot story, Margarine, is published in a Shoujo manga, and she has been working hard to publish her second manga. At the same time, she is helping her fellow club members. Bossun and Hime notes that Roman acts and looks different. She gives harsh criticism on one club member's art style. Then, Roman notices Bossun and Hime, and her original personality returns. Fumi finds Roman cute when Roman changes from original self to influential writer mode. One of the club members note that Fumi is one of the best drawers who is a bit embarrassed at her storyboards. Fumi asks Roman to check her storyboards, and Roman asks Fumi what does she want to draw. She asks Fumi if the reader is empathetic with the heroine. Roman tells Fumi to try again. In the Sket Dan clubroom, Fumi asks Bossun and Hime to check her finished story, and when she states that she has Roman's influence, Bossun and Hime think the manga will be wacky. The story's title is Strange Shoujo Legend... The Like Mad Custard Boy Cometh! As they read the story about Haruko, Bossun and Hime find the story doing strange and cliche things. Haruko bumps into a male student and falls in love with him. The male student calls her a gutter girl and runs off with Haruko's wallet. Despite how bizarre the story is, Fumi's story gets an award, and Roman finds Fumi, a scary girl.

2nd Story

When Sasuke arrives late to the Sojiro's student council meeting, Genzaburo asks Sojiro's group to discuss a serious matter. Meanwhile, Switch has a new invention called Kamiya Mao who is from Ponytail Revolution. Himeko remarks that the doll's voice is similar to Mimori's voice. Then, Bossun does an impression of Sojiro. Hime volunteers to do Daisy's impression which Switch and Bossun find the voice matching a bit. When Tsubaki barges in, they find out that he forgot his contacts and that Sasuke thinks he heard Sojiro and Daisy's voices. As Sasuke attempts to leave, Bossun and Hime try to stop him. Bossun resorts to making impressions of Sojiro and leads Sasuke to the student council's room. Hime plays along and impersonates Daisy. The two giggle a bit when Sasuke gets fooled easily. Sasuke mentions he gets teased for his glasses as a young boy. When Bossun and Hime try to leave, Sasuke has them conduct a meeting.

At the principal's office, Genzaburo begins to tell them his story. Back to Sasuke's location, Switch uses Kamiya Mao's voice to fill in Mimori's role. When Sasuke asks for Shinba, Bossun quickly makes impressions of him. Sasuke notes that Sojiro is not sitting in his chair, so Switch uses Kamiya Mao to act as the silhouette. Now, Sasuke asks for Sojiro's birthday which Bossun answers November 11th. Switch gives Bossun the right date with his hand signs. Bossun messes up, and Switch gives out the information via Mimori's voice. Then, Hime makes a mistake and talks through Daisy's voice with a Kansai accent. Sasuke notices something strange with Hime's silhouette, and Bossun tosses Hime, glasses and a wig. It turns out that Genzaburo is going to talk about his grandson again. Sasuke begins asking questions, and then, Hosuke signals to the Sket Dan that the Student Council is near by. Sasuke sees Switch doing an impression of Mimori, and when Sasuke gets suspicious, Hime knocks him out. Before the Sket Dan leaves, Switch quickly finishes the minutes. Later, Sojiro and his gang return to their room and find Sasuke waking up from a dream. Sojiro picks up the meeting's minutes only to find it states to give Sket Dan a million Yen budget.


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Cast & Credits

Yuusuke Fujisaki (Bossun) : Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko) : Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch) : Tomokazu Sugita

Sasuke Tsubaki : Hiro Shimono
Sojiro Agata : Tomokazu Seki
Mimori Unyuu : Megumi Takamoto
Kikuno Asahina (Daisy) : Yuu Kobayashi
Michiru Shinba : Kenji Nojima

Roman Saotome : Ai Kayano
Fumi Segawa : Azumi Yamamoto

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Anime Only: Switch and Hosuke did not appear in chapter 115, but they do appear in the anime version.
    • Sojiro and his student council gets called by Genzaburo to listen to the principal's story about his grandson.
  • Manga Only: In chapter 125, Bossun does impressions of real people such as Koshien and Bandou Eiji. In addition, he imitates a character from Doraemon.
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