The Manga Girl Goes Wild

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Kanji 漫画乙女は荒野をめざす
Romaji Manga otome wa kōya o mezasu
Volume 13
Anime 61
Roman Saotome, Fumi Segawa, Hime Onizuka, Bossun


Roman is an aspiring Shōjo mangaka has stumble upon a road block when her classmates notices that she is throwing a page. When Bossun and Himeko arrive, Fumi informs her that Roman had changed after receiving that award. Roman is struggling to find a suitable name for her new second debut. Then, a fellow classmate asks Roman to review her rough draft. After Roman gives her advice to her classmate, her personality changes when she sees Bossun and Himeko. Bossun mentions he is returning a manga to her. Roman immediately sketches her prince, herself, and Himeko. Then, Fumi asks Roman to review her work. Later, Fumi asks Bossun and Himeko to review and critique her work after applying Roman's advice to her work earlier.

Will judges love Fumi's work or not?

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