The Man Who was Called Laughing on the Outside, but the Origami God on the Inside

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Kanji 顔で笑って心でおり神と呼ばれた男
Romaji Kao de waratte kokoro de origami to yobareta otoko
Air Date April 26, 2012
Manga Chapters 98 & 107
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

The Man Who was Called Laughing on the Outside, but the Origami God on the Inside (顔で笑って心でおり神と呼ばれた男, Kao de waratte kokoro de origami to yobareta otoko) is the 55th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


The Sket Dan is asked to help Chūma-sensei. Bossun feels thirsty and drink a cola near him, which is one of Chūma's drug, makes Bossun's face shows opposite expression from what he actually feels.

Later, Himeko and Switch realize that Bossun is genius at folding origami.


Bossun, Himeko and Switch are helping Chūma-sensei with arranging some of his stuffs in his lab. As Bossun feels thirsty, Remi comes back from convenience store with some drinks but it turns out that what she bought can't be drank at all. Just a second later Bossun discovers a bottle of cola near him and immediately drink it.

Chūma-sensei gets shocked when he sees Bossun starts drinking the cola and tries to stop him, but Bossun already drank half of the bottle. It doesn't seem to have effect at first, but when Bossun gets angry at Chūma-sensei, something weird happens. His expression isn't angry but laughing.

Himeko and Switch then begin to research Bossun's expressions in their clubroom, so Chūma can make the  antidote. In the middle of the research, J-son-sensei suddenly enters the clubroom and frightens everyone. He tells the trio that he is going to Omiai soon, and he hopes he will succeed this time. After telling them, he asks for advice. Upon seeing Bossun's angry face, J-son-sensei misunderstands Bossun's expression and concludes that smiling is really important and he tells them that he has been practicing to smile a lot. After that, he storms outside the clubroom.

After some observations, they finally gather enough data, and they give it to Chūma-sensei. When he starts making the antidote, Remi wants to help out. Though, she makes Chūma-sensei accidentally pour all liquid and mix it into one. Despite what happened, Chūma-sensei ignores it and finally gives it to Bossun. After Bossun drinks it, Himeko and Switch decide to test if the antidote works by making Bossun angry. Bossun's face shows expression of angry which delighted everyone. However, Bossun's angry expression remains on his face even though he feels happy.

Later, back to Sket Dan daily life, Himeko is humming while folding an origami. After she has finished, the origami she made isn't looking good at all and Bossun gets irritated. He then takes a paper and begins folding it, and he succeed making a perfect bird from it. Himeko gets excited and asks Bossun to fold a rabbit and Switch joins as well. When he starts folding the paper, his phone suddenly rings and he answers it using his left hand while his right hand folds the paper. After he has done folding, the paper has turned into a perfect rabbit, compared to Switch's rabbit.

After that the three make an origami competition between them. The theme is Ape, and at first Switch appears to have the upper hand and Himeko tells Bossun that they already have the winner. But the two get shocked when they saw Bossun's Ape, that looks alive. Himeko gets really excited and decides to tell everyone in school. Students start lining up and asking Bossun to make origami of various things. Later, when he's folding a paper J-son-sensei comes and tells them that he failed his Omiai before and consulates about his next Omiai. Touched by Bossun's pep talk, J-son-sensei thanks Bossun for his advice and storms outside.

Himeko tells Bossun that he will definitely become popular on TV but Bossun tells Himeko that he isn't interested in such a thing, but Switch brings an interesting news about an origami competition. Bossun still hasn't change his mind, but when Switch says the amount of the reward is one-million yen, Bossun changes his mind and gets more serious in folding origami.

On the deadline day, Bossun still can't think about any interesting shape at all and gets frustrated until he finally gets an image of what kind of origami he will make. He succeeds making a beautiful pegasus. Bossun is ready to bring his entry to the contest now, but Bossun forgot where he put the contest location map and looks everywhere. He quickly finds out that he used the map to make the body of the pegasus.


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Anime and Manga Differences

  • Saaya, J-Son, Kumi, and Moe only appeared in anime. Remi and Chuma did not appear in the Origami chapter.
  • In chapter 98, Switch makes a reference to Takenaka Naota which does not occur in the anime.
  • In chapter 107, Hime sings "Sarai" by Shinji Tanimura while in the anime, she just hums.
  • Origami Alterations: When Switch tells Bossun about the 10,000 Yen prize for the origami contest, Bossun folds Fukuzawa Yuikichi, the face of the 10,000 Yen. Compared to the anime, he folds a pack of Yen bills.
  • In the anime, Bossun's hat, goggles, and shirt are made from origami while in the manga Bossun eats cake using fork and knife that are made from origami.
  • Pegasus's size: The anime version had a larger origami pegasus.


  • Just as in the original chapter, the episode's title contains a bit of Japanese wordplay. Origami (折り紙, literally "folding paper") is written as おり神, which literally means "folding god". The word "kami" can mean paper or God, depending on the kanji used.
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