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The Little Princess in High Spirits

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Kanji リトルプリンセスは気分上々
Romaji Ritoru purinsesu wa kibun jōjō
Air Date September 8, 2011
Manga Chapter 37
Opening Michi
Ending Clover

The Little Princess in High Spirits (リトルプリンセスは気分上々), Ritoru purinsesu wa kibun jōjō) is the 23rd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Momoka asks the Sket Dan to help her grasp the feeling of being a child, so she act as a child for her actress job. When Momoka and Himeko drink the cola, they revert into children. Bossun and Tsubaki struggle to take care of the little girls. Despite their efforts to get the seaweed for the cure, Chūma's antidote did not do its job correctly.


Switch is watching Liberty Magi when Bossun and Himeko enter the club room. Himeko gets surprised when Switch said he has watched it twenty four times and comments about Momoka being far away from them. Suddenly someone knocks the window and it turns out to be Momoka.

After that inside the club room, Momoka imitates a dialogue from Liberty Magi which makes Himeko impressed. She says that Momoka's voice is really suitable for anime characters and praises her while Switch records her voice. Switch asks her to do another dialogue. Momoka tries to refuse but because Switch keeps pushing her, Bossun tells Switch to stop doing it. Bossun then asks about Momoka's request.

Momoka tells the trio about her problem. Because the next episode of Liberty Magi will be featuring Liberty Magi's past life, Momoka tries to get a figure of a child by observing a kindergarten. Somehow she failed to get the image of being a child. Switch then gives an idea, but it turns out to be a joke. Momoka seems displeased, but after that Switch gives his real idea. He suggests to play alongside Momoka so she will be able to understand children's feelings. Momoka agrees with the plan and they all go oustide to proceed with the plan.

After playing, Switch asks about how Momoka feels. Momoka replies that she has pictured it on her head but still not sure of it. Back to the club room, they prepare to drink cola. Just a second before drinking it, Bossun and Switch realize that the cola wasn't their belonging. Before Bossun could warns Himeko and Momoka, the two already took a sip, and their bodies soon reverts into child body.

Chuuma suddenly shows up. Bossun yells at him and questions why would he put that medicine in their club room. Chuuma's reason only makes Bossun gets more panic, so Himeko says to Bossun to take it easy. Bossun yells at Himeko about not to feel happy now and about how serious this problem is. Himeko replies that Bossun seems okay when he reverted into a child back then, which makes Bossun yells at her that only her that enjoyed that situation and he claims that he can clearly sees their breasts now. Himeko and Momoka get embarrassed and Momoka calls Switch for help, but it appears that he has already gone to kindergarten.

Switch returns with two uniforms for Himeko and Momoka. Himeko gets excited and she comments about how cute Momoka is. Switch even asks Momoka to say something so he can use it as his ringtone. Bossun gets really panic and asks Chuuma about the antidote but he doesn't have one and he needs to make it first. Himeko jumps into Bossun's shoulder and tells him it's okay for now because Momoka can feel about being a kid. Chuuma tells Himeko that if she stays too long in that form, she could never be able to revert back to normal even after she takes the antidote. Chuuma then leaves to make the antidote.

In the club room Himeko seems to get really excited right now. Bossun tells her to be nice just like Momoka. Suddenly Bossun's phone rings. Chuuma tells him that he doesn't have enough material and tells Bossun to buy it for him. The material turns out to be a seaweed, and when Bossun asks about more details Chuuma already hung up the phone. Bossun then realizes that Himeko and Momoka are no longer in the club room. He quickly runs outside the club room and found the two are talking with Tsubaki at the corridor.

Tsubaki gets really confused. He storms into the student council room to tell Agata about another problem Sket Dan caused with two cups of Chuuma's medicine in both his hands. Suddenly Mimori and Daisy each take a cup from Tsubaki's hands and drink it. Tsubaki gets shocked to see the two reverts into children right after they drink the medicine, and he brings them to Sket Dan club room. In the club room, Bossun asks Switch to look after the girls, but Switch refuses and goes somewhere.

Bossun and Tsubaki ended up bringing the girls alongside them to buy some seaweeds. Bossun gives them some money to buy seaweed at the fish market. Before Himeko could give the seaweed to Bossun, it is stolen by a stray cat. Himeko and Momoka quickly run after the cat. Bossun tells Tsubaki to take back Daisy and Mimori while he runs after them.

Himeko and Momoka manage to catch the stray cat when it hops onto a truck. Just a second later, the truck starts running. Bossun is able to save them by borrowing someone's bicycle. After all that, Chuuma gives the antidote to the four of them, but the moment after drinking it, their bodies turn into a 27-year old woman.

Later, Momoka tells Switch that she finally understands children's feelings. After that, it turns out that she only voiced baby.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Mimori, Daisy, and Sasuke did not appear in the manga version.