The Let's Work Together to Increase Our Powers of Concentration Study Meeting

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Kanji 集中力を高めみんなで協力し合う勉強会
Romaji Shūchūryoku o takame minna de kyōryokushiau benkyō kai
Volume 19
Anime 60
Himeko, Bossun, Switch, Himeko's Mother


With the end-of-term tests fast approaching, Himeko panics at the prospect of getting marks all in the red. She convinces the rest of the Sket Dan to hold a study session, and her house is chosen for it. Unfortunately, things get off to a rocky start and only continue to go downhill as Bossun and Switch start slacking off instead of helping Himeko study. When Himeko's Mother discovers this, it is revealed that the "demon" nickname runs in the family: known as the "Oniyome" (demon bride), she will force the trio to study whether they like it or not.

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