The Legendary Onihime

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Kanji 伝説の鬼姫
Romaji Densetsu no onihime
Volume Volume 1
Anime Episode 3
Himeko, Inui, Kijima, Sarukawa, Bossun, Switch, Chiaki Takahashi, Momoka Kibitsu


Himeko beats up a trio of delinquents from another high school who had been causing trouble. The next day, the Sket Dan help out Kaimei High School's softball team and Chiaki mentions a recent rumor about the famous "Onihime" rampaging again. Himeko grows quiet, but the others reassure her that she is a completely different person than she was when she had been known by that nickname. While heading home, Himeko is cornered by the same trio of delinquents and discovers that her usual field hockey stick has been replaced with a Reality Maji toy. Exhausted from the softball request and lacking her usual weapon, Himeko is overpowered and rendered unconscious. When she wakes up, she finds herself tied to a tree and facing the delinquents' leader, a girl named Momoka who calls herself the "Onihime."