The Last Day of President (episode)

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Kanji N/A
Romaji N/A
Air Date August 9, 2012
Manga Chapters 147 and 148
Opening Clear
Ending Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta Chorus ver.~

The Last Day of President (episode) is the 70th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Sasuke is selected to be the new president of student council replacing Sōjirō. For his goal of making Kaimei High a better school, he becomes strict about everything that deviated from school rules. But in the end Sōjirō has to tell him that there are more important things than rules. Three days later, Sasuke officially replaces Sōjirō. In his speech, he says he will make Kaimei High a better school with everyone's co-operation, this gets a big applause.

On the same day, Sōjirō receives a phone call from someone who has seemingly kidnapped his younger sister Saaya. To save her, Sōjirō must solve every puzzle the kidnapper gives in 15 minutes. Who would do something like that in his last day in student council?


Bossun, Himeko, and Saaya are talking about the student council election results, and Himeko informs Saaya that Sojiro has been stalking her and Tsubaki. Saaya tells her that he has been sad and staring at the stars recently. In the student council room, Sojiro tells them that they have three days until they step down. Shinba talks about Mimori and Sasuke's new roles. Mimori starts to cry, and Shinba turns away to hide his tears. He tells them that he will drop by and visit. Daisy turns away to cry and thanks them. Sasuke swears he will make the school better, and he yells out loud. He informs Mimori that the budget is full of errors; Sasuke reminds Daisy to wear the armband. Out on patrol, Sasuke finds Sojiro playing with his cell phone, and Sojiro confiscated the phone. In the anime club, Otakura and his gang looks at their magazine until Sasuke takes it away. Then, Sasuke tries to reprimand Moe for having her monkey, and Bossun crash into Moe. He tells Sasuke to cut Moe some slack, but Sasuke states that he cannot be lax and that he have to enforce the rules. Shinzo and Otakura protests against Sasuke's rules. Next day, Sasuke goes out and scolds everyone, and Daisy and the others are worry about the student council's reputation.

Elsewhere in school, Sasuke demands Jogasaki to write an apology letter for the cracked window, and he asks Jogasaki about the box. Sasuke guess that Jogasaki has a cake for his teacher, and it turns he is right. Sojiro walks by and kicks the cracked window and the door; Sojiro tells Jogasaki to give the cake to his teacher. On the roof, Sojiro has a talk with Sasuke on how he didn't enforce the rules, and Sasuke explains he is anxious. Sojiro tells Sasuke to take it easy, and he explains that everyone supported him which reminds Sasuke that he has a team. Next day, Sasuke gives a speech and asks his fellow students to help him to make this a better school. The crowd claps for Sasuke. Meanwhile, Sojiro gets a call from a stranger who has Saaya captive. The man instructs Sojiro to solve all four problems if he wants his sister back.

The first problem is a math problem where he answers by drawing a graph. Next problem is a scrambled Kanji problem, and he draws the character, "Shi." The third problem is a logic puzzle where Sojiro has to think for a bit, and he draws the answer, 7 as in the number for July. Arriving to the last problem, Sojiro is baffled by the problem where he does not have the hints. He thinks back at the answers he wrote, and he figures this is a Shogi problem. He writes the answer, Fu. The strange has Sojiro come to the music room, and outside, Sojiro sees the characters he wrote. Viewing from the side, he sees his student council members standing by the characters, and he reads Otsukare which means great job. Sojiro figures that Bossun arranged all of this, and Bossun states that Saaya is at his clubroom. He tells him that the student council requests Bossun to help throw a farewell ceremony, and he wanted his revenge.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Sasuke's strict scenes are expanded in anime like confiscating Shinzō's phone, the Anime Research Club's Himegami magazine, telling Queccion and Enigman to stop dancing, and Moe being told to not bring pets to school.
  • Sasuke wanting to say thank you only appears in anime.
  • Dialogue Location Changes: In the manga, Sojiro and Sasuke have their talk in the hallways where he tells Sasuke that he has friends to fall back on. The anime has them talking on the roof.
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