The Guy Little Sister is Interested in Interests Her Brother

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Kanji 妹の気になるアイツが気になる兄
Romaji Imōto no ki ni naru aitsu ga ki ni naru ani
Air Date July 5, 2012
Manga Chapters 142 & 174
Opening Clear
Ending Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta (Japan), Colors (Crunchyroll)

The Guy Little Sister is Interested in Interests Her Brother is the 65th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


While Saaya is talking to Sasuke and says she's interested with Sasuke and Bossun's relationship, the council members Daisy, Mimori, and Michiru hear and get the wrong idea, thinking they are interested in each other. Michiru tells Sojiro about this. When he asked Saaya if she's interested in someone, she gives Bossun's details which Sojiro misinterprets as Sasuke's, getting the wrong idea.


Over at Sojiro's home, Saaya comes in and gives a souvenir to her big brother, a bear strap. He asks her if she has anyone else to give to. Saaya blushes and goes in her Tsundere mode as she storms off. On the following day, Tsubaki greets Saaya, and he still ends his sentence with "nya." He remarks that Saaya has visited the Sket Dan often, and Saaya thinks Sasuke is interested in Bossun. She notes how they are unique twins whose families are different, and she asks Sasuke if he is getting along with Bossun. Daisy and Mimori spot Tsubaki and Saaya talking, and they inform Shinba. Elsewhere, Shinba informs Sojiro who heard Tsubaki and Saaya are close. Later that night, Soiro asks Saaya if she has a crush on a young boy, and he demands her to speak. Then, Saaya hesitantly explains that she is interested in him, and when Sojiro asks about the boy's description, Saaya mentions he is 170 centimeters, has mess hairy, is pretty smart but dense, has cat shape eyes, and has a passionate personality. Sojiro thinks it's Sasuke. After a while, Sojiro is a bit angry at Sasuke until he spots Saaya's strap. He receives a text message from Sasuke, and he decides to test Sasuke to see where their relationship are.

In the student council room, Sojiro asks if he talked to Saaya and what they spoke about and if he is interested in you-know-who. Sasuke thinks about Bossun, and he says that they are strangers. When Sasuke mentions destiny, Sojiro thinks soul mate and asks Sasuke if it's love. He goes berserk on Sasuke, and Sasuke explains his first impression is bad and that they often get into arguments. Sojiro thinks his sister and Sasuke has unbreakable bond, and he asks what he is going to do in the future. When Sasuke mentions dinner, Sojiro is bit shocked that he has done much with Saaya. Sasuke wants to take things little by little and he'll take him to dinner. Later, Bossun and Sasuke are arranging dinner, and Himeko and Switch find the brothers interesting. Sojiro finds it strange that Saaya is still at the house. On the following day, the Sket Dan and Saaya help Sasuke get over his cat mannerisms. Sojiro is suspicious about the two.

Over at the Agata house, Saaya thinks Sojiro is on her about Bossun, and Sojiro comments that he is like his little brother. Sojiro tells his little sister to take him out on a date (he meant Sasuke). When Saaya thinks it's hard, Sojiro reassures her. On the following day and in a toy shop, Bossun receives a call from Saaya who wants to have tea with him, and Bossun bumps into Sasuke who is buying a video game. Saaya arrives to find Bossun and Sasuke together, and Sasuke thinks she's here to buy a game. She asks Bossun and Sasuke to go out with her, and Sasuke agrees to help Saaya out. Then, Sojiro appears, and he asks why Saaya and Bossun are here. Sojiro misinterprets that Saaya asks Bossun to help her since it's awkward for her to deal with Sasuke. At the tea house, Sojiro glares at Bossun, Saaya thinks Sojiro is on to her, and Sasuke marvels at the differences between the two teas. Sojiro orders Sasuke to talks to Saaya, and Bossun heads over to the bathroom. With Bossun gone, he asks Sasuke if he's getting along. Saaya is relieved that Sojiro is thinking about Sasuke instead of Bossun. When Sasuke mentions playing video games all night, Sojiro freaks out. Then, Sasuke leaves the table and Sojiro asks Bossun how he feels about Saaya. Bossun replies that Saaya is a tsundere, and Sojiro asks Bossun about Saaya's changes. Furthermore, he explains how Saaya change from being stubborn and now she is getting along. He remarks how Saaya is getting cute, and Saaya blushes. Sasuke comes along and reveals Royal-kun. Sojiro thinks Bossun is in love with Saaya.

After that event, Saaya tells Sojiro not to follow her, and she smiles about Bossun. Sojiro vows to look out for Saaya, and Switch narrates how Sojiro can lose composure and logic around his sister.


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Cast & Credits

Yuusuke Fujisaki (Bossun) : Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko) : Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch) : Tomokazu Sugita

Saaya Agata : Kana Hanazawa
Sasuke Tsubaki : Hiro Shimono
Sojiro Agata: Tomokazu Seki

Manga and Anime Differences

  • When Bossun and Sasuke playing game together, it was from other chapter.
  • In manga, when Soujirou asks Bossun about his relationship with Saaya, they (Bossun and Saaya) talking about Saaya's confession. Because in anime it doesn't appear yet, Soujirou asked him about what is his opinion about Saaya.
  • During the anime, Tsubaki is given something to stop his 'nyaing/meowing', while in the manga Tsubaki doesn't get 'cured' for a much longer time meaning that the recurring joke of Tsubaki acting like a cat may have been removed from the anime.
  • Anime Only Scene: After Sojiro listens to the Party! Hallelujah! on TV, Saaya gives Sojiro, a bear strap which is a souvenir from the school trip.
  • Scene Alterations: In the manga, Sojiro finds Saaya, Bossun, and Tsubaki in the toy store. Compared to the anime, he found the three on the streets.
  • Time Differences: The manga sets chapter 174 on New Year's Eve.


  • Party! Hallelujah! can be heard on the television at the beginning of the episode.
  • Mario Kart Cameo: Sasuke holds a game cover that is called Ride Like Hell! It has the name PartyStable 2 on the spine while the cover has a Mario look alike.
  • Switch plays the narrator for a bit as he comments on Sojiro's thoughts about Saaya's relationships with Bossun and Sasuke.
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