The Guy Little Sister is Interested in Interests Her Brother

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Kanji 妹の気になるアイツが気になる兄
Romaji Imōto no ki ni naru aitsu ga ki ni naru ani
Volume 16
Anime 65
Saaya Agata, Bossun, Sōjirō Agata, Sasuke Tsubaki


As Saaya asks Sasuke how is his relationship with Bossun going, Mimori and Daisy spot the two talking together. Shinba receives word from Daisy and Mimori, and when he tells Sojiro how the two are close, Sojiro gets suspicious. At home, Sojiro notes how Saaya is acting different from the school trip, and he demands Saaya to answer his questions. Saaya reluctantly gives a description of the boy she's interested in. Sojiro thinks it's Sasuke.

Sojiro decides to test Tsubaki who thinks Sojiro is asking him about his relationship with Bossun. Tsubaki tells him that he would like to take his relationship step by step with dinner first. With the talk over, Sojiro finds Saaya at home which leaves him confused.