The Great Marriage Interview Opera-son

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Kanji お見合い大作ソン
Romaji Omiai daisaku-son
Volume Volume 6
Anime Episode 15
Junichi Son, Bossun, Himeko, Switch


J-son gives a demonstration on how to use a buzz saw, and his little demo scares his students. Later, Bossun and Switch comments that Himeko's cooking is excellent which makes Himeko a good future wife. Bossun jokes about Himeko being his wife in ten years or so, and before Himeko can teach Bossun a lesson, J-son appears. After everyone except Switch is frightened, J-son requests the Sket Dan to help him with his marriage interviews. They try to help J-son to smile and look less fearsome, and they go over his hobbies. Yet, their efforts to make J-son less terrifying.

On the day of the interview, the Sket Dan join J-son to help him. Things are going well until the woman asks J-son about what he teaches. J-son starts going over his passion for cutting wood, and when he does an imitation of a chain saw noise, the woman runs away in fear.

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