The Glass Man

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Kanji ガラス男
Romaji Garasu otoko
Air Date November 17, 2011
Manga Chapters 59, 60 & 61
Opening Graffiti
Ending Milk and Chocolate

The Glass Man (ガラス男, Garasu otoko) is the 33rd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Yagi and Saori Yasuda ask the SKET Dan to document their activities. When Bossun and Hime tell Yagi that they are boring, Yagi gives them a case to solve. The case is about a culprit who breaks windows without stealing anything. Can the Sket Dan solve this case?


Kanegi finds the window broken; on the following day, Takakako asks Yagi and her friend about any strange things. In the Sket Dance room, Yagi asks Bossun and his club for an in-depth interview because she wants a documentary of the club's activities. The girl on the right side is Yasuda Saori of the broadcasting club. Bossun thinks they don't do much stuff while Hime adds on that they do origami. When Bossun tells them to film them smiling funny, Yagi gives him a cold stare. Yagi informs them that there is a case called the glass man. Furthermore, Switch explains that the glass man is breaking windows, but there is not theft. Yagi tells them that the academic affairs office, the chemistry lab, the manga club, and the AV room has been attacked. (AV room is the recent attack since yesterday) Also, Yagi informs them that the etiquette room's window has been smashed this morning. After Roman does her 4th wall conversation with Bossun and Hime, Yuki comes out of the window and claims that ghosts are the suspects.

After Yagi stops everyone, Yasuda begins taping them and Bossun gets nervous. As Bossun asks for students who are active during early morning hours, Yasuda explains that the baseball club were present. Switch emerges in a detective attire which Bossun and Hime criticizes Switch for fooling around. Switch informs them that a baseball was present at the scene. SKET Dan approaches Takashima (a girl) who gets shocked from SKET Dan's colorful afros. When she tells them about the baseball members who practice alone, Bossun and his team go out to search for them. On the following day, Bossun and his team interview the baseball team. First, Bossun interviews Ozaki who tells him that he was practicing around the places that was hit by the glass man. Bossun finds him supcious. Elsewhere, Hime interviews Shimasaki who cannot throw a pitch. Hime thinks he cannot be the culprit. On the baseball field, Switch hears the Shimasaki's confession that he likes destroying things with his bat. Shimasaki waves his bat wildly and laughs maniacally.

Back in the SKET Dan clubroom, they realize that they have no eyewitnesses. Bossun writes down all the rooms that the glass man hits; when Yasuda thinks there is a code, Bossun uses his concentration ability and figures the glass man will hit the reception room. At night, Bossun and his gang wait for the culprit and surround the person. Bossun reveals how he unscramble the first character of each word to make a name; he then adds the last character to make up the name, Shimasaki Takao. The culprit runs , but Hime trips the suspect. The suspect's mask breaks; Switch informs them that she is Takashima Sakiko, the baseball manager from before. Switch explains that she has no alibi because of her duties in the club. Bossun goes over his notes and gets her name. When Bossun and Switch asks Takashima if she really did it, she nods yes. Before Bossun and the others go to the faculty room, Bossun realizes something and asks Takashima why she came to the reception room. He tells them that there is no o in her name and that she would gone to the craft room first. Yet, Takashima states she did break them, but Bossun thinks she is hiding something. At Hime's request, Takashima confesses that she did it because someone will expose her secret. Takashima reveals a photo of her in middle school to Hime; in that photo, Takashima is fat.

In Takashima's story, she finds a picture of her on the glass window and when she took it off, she read the words about her being fat. She takes the baseball and throws it at the glass window. Bossun and Switch thinks that the culprit left the baseball on purpose. Takashima replies that she had more orders to follow after that incident. Bossun thinks that someone has a grudge on Takashima; Switch adds on that the culprit change the last letter of the name. Bossun realizes that the culprit had two problems: the anagram spell out the baseball player's name and the glassman rumor made SKET Dan think the culprit is a guy. As the screen shakes, Bossun talks about how the suspect wanted them to find Takashima. He takes the camera from Yasuda.

During Bossun's explanation, Yasuda confesses she did it because she hates Takashima. In Yasuda's story during middle school, Yasuda has a boy that she had a crush on and she inserted a love letter in his shoe box. Yet, Takashima takes Yasuda's love letter and crumples it, and Takashima inserts her love letter. Though, Takashima never had a response. Back to the present, Yasuda complains that Takashima found happiness while she had none. Bossun points out that Yasuda never change due to her grudge. After hearing Bossun's words, Yasuda go and turn herself in. In Kanegi's room, the two girls see SKET Dan covering for the two girls by taking community service duties for a whole week. Yasuda and Takashima apologize to each other and thank SKET Dan. Later, Yagi apologizes to SKET Dan for what Yasuda did, but Bossun and others are used to getting in trouble. As Bossun and his team watch the DVD, Takashima and Yasuda have a happy ending.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Roman did not talk back or break the 4th wall with Bossun and Hime.
  • Reiko Yuki does not appear in the manga.
  • In the manga, Bossun talks about how girls are scary beasts when in love.
  • In the manga, the scenes where Saori and Sakiko thank Bossun and his crew for turning themselves in are not shown. Also, the anime has added extra scenes where Saori and Sakiko are working happily.
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