The Glass Maiden

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Kanji ガラス乙女
Romaji Garasu otome
Volume Volume 8
Anime Episode 33
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Sakiko Takashima, Saori Yasuda, Takako Shimada (flashback), Kaoru Yagi, Tsubaki Sasuke (newspaper)


Bossun explains that Saori had manipulated Sakiko in breaking the windows. Though, Saori had made two mistakes: how the anagram was made and how the glass man rumor was spread. Saori confesses that she hated Sakiko for throwing her love letter back in middle school. Sakiko states that she never knew it was Sakiko's letter and apologize. Saori points out that Sakiko was after the same person she also loved. She cries about how Sakiko confess to Hiraizumi before her.

Bossun yells at Saori that she couldn't move on and kept on holding resentment while Sakiko worked hard. Afterwards, Kaoru apologizes for Saori's actions. It turns out that the Sket Dan had taken the punishment for Sakiko and Saori's vandalism.

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