The Ghost of the Incinerator

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Kanji 焼却炉の幽霊
Romaji Shōkyakuro no yūrei
Air Date May 5, 2011
Manga Chapters 3, 10 & 23
Opening Kakkowarui I love you!
Ending Comic Sonic

The Ghost of the Incinerator (焼却炉の幽霊, Shōkyakuro no yūrei) is the 5th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Switch accepts Reiko's challenge and prove that the ghost of the incinerator is a hoax by using science to expose the truth. While Bossun and Himeko follow Switch secretly, a girl gets lured into the Spider's trap.


Sasuke stops Shinzo for violating the rules by having a shinai on school grounds. He suspends Shinzo for two weeks and tells him to write a letter of apology. Shinzo attacks him, but Sasuke overwhelms him by smashing the wall with his fist. A woman (Daisy) steals a manga book in the bookstore while a man in glasses takes a picture with his cell phone. In the Sket Dance club room, Switch explains about the Spider Society and how their victims are not making reports. When Bossun sees it is Hime's turn to take out the trash, Hime refuses, and Reiko appears in a creepy fashion. She explains that incinerator has a ghost while she crawls through the window.

After the lights return, Switch explains more about Reiko such as her involvement in the Occult club and her passion with the supernatural. He also tells his friends that he has got into a scuffle with her due to their argument whether ghosts exist or not. Reiko reveals a newspaper article that has the photo of the ghost floating in front of the incinerator. During Switch and Reiko's reenactment of what has happened, Bossun and Hime are scared to death. Bossun thinks Hime is afraid which Hime pinches his thighs with a plier in an innocent yet brutal manner. Reiko explains that she saw the ghost last Tuesday during a stakeout. Once she sees the ghost, as she freaks out, she takes the pictures frantically. Switch thinks this is a hoax, and he will find a witness to prove her wrong. Switch takes the request which Hime and Bossun try to deny. After the argument, Switch decides to take the investigation by himself, and he accepts the duel with Reiko.

Switch interviews a fat otaku (Otakura) who knows Reiko. During his conversations, Switch finds out about the newspaper reporter, Shimada Takako, who is a friend of Reiko. Meanwhile, Hime and Bossun spies on Switch. As Switch interviews Shimada who is in charge of the seven mysteries column which Reiko is fascinated with. It turns out Shimada is the one who obtained Reiko's photo. Suddenly, Shimada changes the conversation and wants to interview Switch. Switch denies and tell her to wait 120 million years.

Bossun bangs his head since Switch is pretty popular. Switch interviews Yoshinari on the roof due to Shimada' sreference. Shimada explains that he saw the ghost last Wednesday. The interviews end, and Switch sends Bossun a message. He knows that his friends have been tailing him.

Switch speaks in an annoying voice using his software, and Hime freaks out due to the ghosts. She reveals the photo of the ghost to Bossun. Bossun notices something and wears his goggles. As he concentrates, he asks Switch to look up something because he knows the identity of the ghost.

Switch and Reiko wait in front of the incinerator for the ghost while Hime calls Shimada. The ghost appears and floats. It turns out that the ghost is Bossun who reveals the trick by sticking his leg out of the open slit. He demonstrates that it looks like he float by stepping on the ledge. Also, Bossun reveals in the photo that the door is open which is on Tuesday.

Bossun reveals that shots that Reiko took are blurry because she panicked. Therefore, Shimada retakes the shot on the following day (Wednesday). Shimada confesses that no one would read or talk about her articles and that only Reiko is interested in. Shimada apologizes to Reiko which Reiko forgives her. Bossun states that Reiko is a nice person while Hime tells him that he will beat her if she is in Reiko's shoes. Reiko tells Switch that she lost because of Switch's ability and Sket Dance. At a abandoned warehouse, Daisy in disguise appears in front of the Spider academy where a man bribes her for money or spread the photos of her shoplifting. Sasuke appears and punches one of the men. He states that he will capture them with proof of a video recording. A man grabs Daisy, but Daisy stabs the guy's eyes. Michiru strikes the ring leader. Michiru, Daisy, and Sasuke introduce themselves.

Unyuu and Sojiro appears, and the student council turns the men over to the cops. Shimada interview the student council. The following day, Bossun completes the Bossun tower, and Hime tells Kibitsu to take a picture. Suddenly, Sasuke opens the door by force which shatters the card tower.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the Spider Association chapter, Tsubaki gets stab by the man. Daisy did not get threaten by another man. Compared the anime, Tsubaki does not get stabbed while Daisy gets seized by a man only to have his eyes poked by Daisy.
  • Since the anime has Shimada looking for stories, the manga separates these chapters. Shimada only appears in chapter 4, Ghost in the Incinerator, but not chapter 23, Spider Association.
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