The Ghost of the Incinerator

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Kanji 焼却炉の幽霊
Romaji Shōkyakuro no yūrei
Volume Volume 1
Anime Episode 5
Himeko, Bossun, Switch, Reiko, Otakura, Takako


In the Sket Dan's clubroom, Himeko refuses to take out the trash due to an article in the school newspaper about a ghost being sighted near the incinerator. Switch informs his fellow club-mates of the supposed legend behind the ghost, though he adds that he doesn't believe in such things and only relies on scientific facts. While the trio argue over the existence of ghosts, Reiko appears at the window and crawls into the room. She states that she took the picture featured in the article, which proves the existence of ghosts. She and Switch reveal that they have an ongoing rivalry of science vs. the occult as a result of their individual beliefs.

The Sket Dan accompany Reiko to the incinerator, and she recalls when she saw the ghost. Switch offers to find proof that the ghost she saw doesn't exist, and she ends up requesting the Sket Dan investigate the "ghost of the incinerator." Switch then goes around the school, questioning students about the rumor, while Bossun and Himeko follow after him. When the trio return to the clubroom to go over their information, Bossun has a revelation and uses his concentration mode to verify it. Later, Himeko runs to the newspaper club's room, shouting that the ghost has reappeared. When everyone arrives at the incinerator, reporter Takako is stunned to see the ghost... because, as Bossun reveals, she had staged the article picture herself due to Reiko's photo being too blurry. She had wanted to have an article on the front page for once, and apologizes for having gotten so swept up in the idea that she deceived her friend. Reiko accepts the apology surprisingly easily, then she and Switch declare their intention to bring the other over to their viewpoint. Bossun and Himeko note that the pair actually seem to get along rather well despite their "rivalry."