The Gesu-ling Club Crisis

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Kanji ゲスリング部の危機
Romaji Gesuringu-bu no kiki
Volume 22
Sasuke Tsubaki, Daisy, Kiri Katō, Cherry, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Tarō Yoda, Nenji Shimoda, Takateru Kamiya


While approving the club activities logs, Sasuke finds something that he thought was a typo by Daisy, but actually is the Gesu-ling Club when he always thought it was a wrestling club. He then sends Kiri to investigate the activity and after founding their activities are nonsense, disbands the club.

The Gesu-ling Club members appeal the Sket-dan to help them get their Club re-approved. Bossun convinces Tsubaki to give them a chance to allow them to restart as a discussion group, however, even with Sket-dan's help the Gesu-ling Club members cannot talk for long without resorting to Gesu-ling and finally have Tsubaki ban them from starting such a club when he finds out what they use Club Funding for - 'research material' (Pornagraphic Manga and Magazines'.

In is revealed that the group members continue gesu-ling afterwards anyway but without a clubroom or funding.

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