The Gallant Chronicle of the 3rd Years' Farewell Ceremony, Part 2

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Kanji 3年生を送る会奮戦記 後編
Romaji Sannensei o okurukai funsenki kōhen
Volume 23
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Hani Usami, Sasuke Tsubaki, Kiri Katō, Mimori Unyuu, Daisy, Masaya Kitaōji, Sojiro Agata


Himeko has caught the flu! As the result, she will replaced by the original cast member of Teruko, Hani. She also asks Himeko to stand behind Fukunaga (Sasuke), so she can act well (and get around her fear of talking to men)

Everything goes well since she has memorized all of her lines, also when she acted with Sasuke. But a problem occurs when they're finally at the climax. Teruko as the human representative and Fukunaga as uma representative will deliver a graduation speech, Hani has slipped to the small pool, causing her speech paper's ink to be all smudged up...