The Gallant Chronicle of the 3rd Years' Farewell Ceremony, Part 1

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Kanji 3年生を送る会奮戦記 前編
Romaji Sannensei o okurukai funsenki zenpen
Volume 23
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Hani Usami, Sasuke Tsubaki, Kiri Katō, Mimori Unyuu, Daisy, Masaya Kitaōji


For the seniors' farewell ceremony, the drama club collaborates with the student council in a drama titled "Three Year's Worth of Memories", which is adapted and based on the school song the Sket Dan wrote. The story is about a girl named Teruko who loves bullying a kappa named Fukunaga. But because of some problems with the student council, the drama club president Masaya Kitaōji asks the Sket Dan for help. Teruko who was being played by Hani is now played by Himeko and the kappa still played by Sasuke. Hani said she's fine with it but Daisy thinks she's not, and so does Bossun. He then has a little chat with Hani about 'Bunny'. But on the actual day, there's a problem with Himeko's voice...

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