The Curtain Falls

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Kanji 閉幕!!
Romaji Heimaku!!
Volume Volume 4
Anime Episode 13
Sojiro Agata, Bossun, Switch, Hime Onizuka, Shinzo Takemitsu, Roman Saotome, Sasuke Tsubaki, Mimori Unyu, Kikuno Asahina, Shinba Michiru, Moe Yabasawa


Bossun calls out Agata's second-to-last card as the Pixie, but Agata turns it over to reveal a Blue Star. Bossun draws his three penalty cards and finds the Pixie among them. He asks when Agata could have played the Pixie, since he thought he knew the order of all the cards in the deck. Agata tells him that he's overlooked one scenario, and Bossun realizes that the very first card played was actually the Pixie. Agata then reveals that he knew about Bossun's concentration mode and had expected him to memorize the cards. Therefore, he laid a trap. Agata then plays his last card and wins the game.

As they leave, Bossun asks why he would set up such a trick. Agata simply answers that he isn't a very nice guy and reveals that his IQ is in fact around 160. Bossun returns to his team, disappointed but impressed. He tells them of the bet and starts to cry.

The Sket-dan holds a leaving party for Bossun, which Agata interrupts. He gives Yabasawa her 3 shaped mouth and asks what's going on. He then remembers the bet and tells them about the interference in the fourth round. He requests calling the game a draw, and Bossun agrees. Agata tells them he had a lot of fun and looks forward to competing against Bossun again. Bossun vows that he won't lose next time.

Agata leaves, and the Sket-dan celebrate Bossun's return.

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