The Confounded Angel's Second Coming

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Kanji 過ちのエンジェル再臨
Romaji Ayamachi no enjeru sairin
Air Date October 20, 2011
Manga Chapters 47 & 75
Opening Graffiti
Ending Milk and Chocolate

The Confounded Angel's Second Coming (過ちのエンジェル再臨, Ayamachi no enjeru sairin) is the 29th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Dante asks Sket Dan to help win the love of the girl whom he has a crush on. Meanwhile, the Sket Dan has Chiaki enter a contest to eat a giant bowl of ramen when they discover her hidden abilities. With most of the ramen eaten, they find out Chiaki cannot eat this certain kind of food.


Bossun stares at his Drymon chocolates that has a face drawn on them. The purpose of these eating these chocolates is that the person gets happy. Switch takes a picture of Bossun smiling and saying the word, Delish, after he eats one of the chocolates. Before Hime chooses a chocolate out of the four remaining ones, she suspects Bossun eating the other two chocolates since there should be six chocolates left. Bossun claims he is innocent, but Switch reveals photographic evidence that Bossun switches the box of chocolates. Hime goes out to reprimand Bossun as she grabs Bossun by the legs and spins him.

As Hime prepares to beat Bossun with her hockey stick, she sees Kuramoto who points to Dante. Hime asks Dante if he's missing something which Dante nods. Switch wishes that Dante should talk like a normal person. Hime yells at Switch for being a hypocrite. Ayumi leaves; Bossun asks Dante about his missing item. Dante replies, "Winged Sword." Hime thinks Dante is talking about a mechanical pencil, but Dante replies, "Trojan Horse." Switch thinks Dante is talking about how the item has something inside which Switch thinks Dante has lost something from the pen. Dante nods, and Hime beats Dante once Dante shakes his head about the lost pen. When Dante says something about spiral, Bossun thinks Dante has lost a love spell paper that is supposed to be rolled up in a pen. Furthermore, Bossun explains that if a person can go out 3 months without opening the slip of paper, the love would come true. When Hime asks Dante if he's in love with a girl, Dante blushes.

Immediately, Switch looks up what girl Dante likes, Yuki Izumisawa. Switch, Bossun, and Hime reconstruct the details and Bossun thinks someone is trying to stop Dante from his goal. He asks Dante who taught him the love spell. Later, they find Jogasaki who denies it. Switch informs Hime and Bossun that Jogasaki came up with the rumors for the Drymon Chocolate. When Jougasaki drop his Jump magazine, Bossun asks him if he and Dante likes the same girl. Jogasaki asks Dante if he likes Chiaki, but the others do not believe it. However, Switch tells them that he is not lying. Jogasaki reveals his love spell that has Chiaki's name on it that. Hime tells him that Chiaki is tough to get. Also, Switch and Bossun remind Jogasaki that he broke the love spell by opening the paper. After the wrong names that Sket Dance called Jogasaki, they go back to their club room; Dante is eating a Drymon chocolate. Switch reminds them that Jogasaki has told them about a love spell for girls. Switch explains that the girl wear something that the boy likes on her for three months. Then, Bossun asks Dante where they sell the pen, Dante replies, "Angel's Bode."

After Bossun gets mad at Dante for being vague, Switch informs them that Angel's Abode is a shop that sells stationary and writing implements. Meanwhile, a girl find a pen taped to a chalkboard. Suddenly, Bossun asks the girl if she is the one who bought the pen recently. He points out that the pen she bought is on the chalkboard. Bossun begins to explain that the girl (Yukie) swap the boy's pen. Izumi confesses that she did it. As Yukie runs, Bossun explains that the boy is waiting for her. She enters the room where Dante shows his face, yet she asks Dante who he is much to Dante and the Sket Dance's surprise. Bossun asks why Izumi took Dante's pen, and Yuki points to Murakami's seat which she likes. In the end, Kuramoto explains that Murakami was using Dante's pen instead. This means Yukie took Dante's pen from Murakami's seat. Food Fighter

At a ramen restaurant, Bossun chomps down a big bowl of ramen with difficulty as Hime and Switch cheer him on. Yet, Bossun cries as he tries to keep going, and Bossun fails and has to pay 5,000 yen for it. Before they leave, Hime tells the owner that they will get revenge. In the park, Bossun mopes while his friends console him; Switch tells Bossun to cheer over a fresh bowl of ramen. The following day, Chiaki finds Hime and tells her that she has a a day off from practice. Hime invites to eat with them after showing her cookies. In the club room, Bossun remarks that the cookies look like soccer ball. Then Bossun tries to remember what he wanted to tell the captain while Hime tries to think back. The scene shifts to Jogasaki who has the love spell in his pen.

Back to the club room, Bossun still feels full; when Hime tries to explain to Chiaki what happened yesterday, Bossun tells her to be quiet. Later, Bossun finds out that all the cookies has disappeared. Even though Hime and her friends tell Chiaki that it is okay to spill the cookies, Chiaki admits she ate all the cookies. She explains that she gets hungry due to her softball practice and that she will have a second lunch. As Chiaki talks, she eats the tea cookies one by one in an incredible time. When Bossun and the others as Chiaki to demonstrate, Chiaki eats the cookie so fast that it seems that she does not chew or swallow. Suddenly, Bossun has an idea and asks Chiaki if she likes Ramen which Chiaki say yes.

At the ramen restaurant, Bossun and Hime ask Chiaki if she is okay. She reassures and starts to eat half of the ramen in 3 minutes. Bossun exaggerates that Chiaki can eat a whole buffalo while Switch explains about the buffalo and the taste issue; Chiaki agrees with Switch. Somehow, Chiaki finds a boiled ege and tells them that if she eats it, she will puke. 5 minutes later, the owner starts insulting Chiaki for being a picy eater, and Bossun asks the owner if Chiaki swallows the egg, she could win. The owner reluctantly agrees. Bossun tells Chiaki to eat the egg and puke afterwards much to Chiaki's surprise. He tells her that he has puked five times in episode 3. As Bossun and Switch tries to feed her the egg, Hime comments that this scene looks like a twisted, fetish scene. Nonetheless, Bossun gives Chiaki a prep talk about how the egg is like a ball. He tells her to feel the urge to overcome all the obstacles and to focus on the ball. Chiaki agrees while Hime thinks all the emotional build up is strange. At the park, Hime gives Chiaki, a Taiyaki. Bossun feels bad for Chiaki


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Ayumi Kuramoto only appears in the anime where she introduces Dante and explains how Izumi makes her mistake.
  • The Jump magazine that Jogasaki hold in the anime does not appear in the manga.
  • The manga did not feature the scene in the anime where the real pen is placed on the chalkboard.
  • In the second half of the episode, there is a reference to Jogasaki where Bossun and Hime forget to tell Chiaki that Jogasaki likes her. Compared to the manga, Jogasaki does not appear in chapter 75 for that story.
  • The anime has added extra scenes for Bossun's prep talk to Chiaki during the food fighter story. There are flashbacks such as Chiaki tripping and falling. In the manga, there is no flashback.
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