The Confounded Angel's Second Coming

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Kanji 過ちのエンジェル再臨
Romaji Ayamachi no enjeru sairin
Volume Volume 6
Anime Episode 29
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Dante, Mitsuru Jōgasaki, Yukie Izumisawa, Murakami


Dante comes back to the Sket Dan, having lost something else. The group discovers that he has lost a rolled-up piece of paper that is the latest trend in love charms: A guy writes the name of the girl he likes on a piece of paper and puts it in his mechanical pencil. If it remains undisturbed for three months, his love will be fulfilled. It turns out that Dante had placed a paper with classmate Yukie Izumisawa's name in his pencil, but the paper itself seems to have disappeared.

The Sket Dan think that someone has been trying to interfere with Dante's love, so they confront Jōgasaki. However, it turns out that Jōgasaki likes Chiaki instead. Switch then notes that there's been a similar trend going around for the girls: if she keeps an item her crush always uses for three months, her love will be fulfilled. Bossun then realizes that a girl must have taken Dante's pencil and switched it with a look-a-like.

After some investigating, the group confront Yukie, who admits to switching the two. They set her up to meet Dante in the classroom, but... it turns out that she had meant to take Murakami's pencil from the next desk over.

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