The Campus SKET (Then)

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Episode 77 N/A
Kanji 学園のSKET達(その後)
Romaji Gakuen no SKET-tachi (sonogo)
Air Date September 27, 2012
Manga Chapter 167
Opening N/A
Ending Startup

The Campus SKET (Then) is the 77th and final episode of the Sket Dance Anime.


While Bossun and the Sket Dance are helping the basketball team due to Jogasaki's little accident, Saaya works up the courage to confess to Bossun. Meanwhile, Sojiro thinks Saaya is still in love with Tsubaki.

Can Bossun and the gang help the basketball team and what will happen between Saaya's undying love and Bossun?


After Chiaki's game, Chiaki and Saaya walk by the river, and they see Bossun and the others helping a girl find her teddy bear. At Saaya's home, Sojiro and Shinba study for their college exams, and he tells Shinba to solve a problem while Sojiro walks out. Sojiro walks by to see Saaya staring out of the window. He thinks Saaya has love problems, and he recalls the times that he has seen Saaya with Tsubaki.

Jogasaki requests the Sket Dan to listen his request, and in Jogasaki's story, he tells them that two of the players from basketball team has sprained ankles because of Jogasaki who causes one of them to bump against the ladder in a candy store. Jogasaki asks them to help the basketball team. Over at the gym, the others see Bossun exhausted himself, and Switch has Shinzo, Moe, and Chiaki show up because the three will help Bossun with stamina training. Meanwhile, Saaya makes sugar lemons while Agata thinks Saaya is devoted to Tsubaki. During Bossun's training, Saaya asks Chiaki why Himeko and Switch do so much for Bossun. In basketball practice, Bossun struggles to shoot a hoop, and Jogasaki grabs the ball and shows Bossun how to shoot.

As the basketball game starts, Saaya and her group eagerly wait in the stands. Bossun and his group meet up with Teppei, and back in the audience, the others are confused that Bossun is not playing. He tells them to cheer for Teppei and Jogasaki of team Kaimei. After the basketball game, Saaya enters the Sket Dan room and wants to talk with Bossun. Himeko and Switch quickly make up excuses in order the leave the two alone. Outside of school, Saaya confesses to Bossun that she likes him. Bossun is speechless, and he apologizes to Saaya that he does not see Saaya like that. Saaya asks Bossun if she can visit them, and Bossun welcomes her. She feels great that she has confessed her feelings, and the two walk over to find Switch and Himeko standing by. Bossun lies about Saaya and him talking about politics, and Saaya hints to Himeko that Bossun is like a little kid.

Next day, Momoka acts out her line as Yankee Detective, and Tsubaki, Bossun, and their group help do crowd control. Meanwhile, Chuma, Remi, and Suzu watch Momoka with Kunio who is excited about Momoka. Momoka finds Switch inside with Otakura and Reiko greeting Momoka. Later, Shinba and Sojiro come back later. When Moe loses her gibbon who stole , Tsubaki orders Kiri to chase Moe's pet. Though, Kiri bumps into Roman which causes Kiri to fall into Hani. Hani quickly turns into Bunny and hugs Kiri. The Sket Dan crew chases down Moe's gibbon and returns the prop to the staff.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Scene Alterations: In the anime, Himeko and Switch make their excuses together when Saaya have entered that clubroom. Compared to the manga, Bossun mentions the school field trip when Saaya appears, and Switch makes his first excuse. Then, Himeko leaves afterwards.
  • Anime Only: The basketball request with Jogasaki and Teppei, Momoka's little concert at school, and the characters associated with them did not appear in the manga. (Note: this could be filler material.)
  • Shinba is not present in the chapter where Sojiro finds Saaya staring out the window.
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