The Agata Saaya Fanclub

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Kanji 安形紗綾ファンクラブ
Romaji Agata Saaya fuankurabu
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Saaya Agata, Hisashi Koinuma


Saaya's fan boys decide to start a large fan club for Saaya since her brother, who was being too overprotective over her, has now graduated. The Agata Saaya fan club's duties are to follow Saaya, protect her and serve her in anyway they can. While following Saaya around, their leader found out that the person she likes was a student named Bossun. After that, they become a little hostile towards Bossun and the Sket Dan. However, the three leaders in the fan club do not really want to look bad or hurt Bossun in front of Saaya, thus, they resolve to stop pursuing Bossun. They also come to realize that Saaya truly likes Bossun and that her love was pure. They state that this was exactly the reason why they made the fan club.

However, they still choose to be malicious towards Bossun as seen by how they put double-sided tape on the soles of his indoor shoes, reverse his desk, and bump into him "accidentally".