Tetsuji Chūma
中馬 鉄治
Chūma Tetsuji
Nickname Chū-san (チュウさん)
Age 33
Birthday October 23
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 175 cm.
Weight 68 kg.
Hair Black
Occupation Chemistry Teacher
Relatives Suzu Chūma (daughter)

Remi Misora (fiancee)

Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
The Campus SKET
Seiyū Hayato Nakata (Drama CD)
Jōji Nakata (anime)

Tetsuji Chūma (中馬 鉄治, Chūma Tetsuji), more commonly called Chū-san, is a chemistry teacher at Kaimei High School and the homeroom teacher for class 2-C. He was Switch's homeroom teacher at class 1-E and back as homeroom teacher again for class 3-C where the main characters are there. He is the faculty sponsor for the Sket Dan, a fact he often uses to get them to do things for him. He frequently creates odd potions and explosives which oftentimes backfire. He is currently engaged to Remi and married in chapter 273.

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