Nickname Tecchan (テっちゃん)
Birthday May 10
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Height 180 cm.
Weight 88 kg.
Hair Black
School Kaimei High School
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Misaki and Kōtarō
Anime Debut Episode 7
Summer Sakura
Seiyū Tetsu Inada
Mayumi Yamaguchi (child)
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Tetsu (テツ) is a Kaimei High School student and a one-time client of the Sket Dan. He is Misaki's childhood friend.


When Misaki and Tetsu were children, they lived near each other and Tetsu often came to visit as Misaki's parents wouldn't let her go out much. One time, when she mused over not being able to see the sakura in full bloom, Tetsu offered to take her to see them. However, while they were there, Misaki slipped and fell in a river and her health condition grew even worse as a result. Her father subsequently prohibited Tetsu from seeing her again and a few months later, her family moved away. After a while, Tetsu began exchanging e-mails with her under the created persona of "Kōtarō Sakurakōji."


Tetsu has a large, solid build and short dark hair in a crew cut. He has menacing facial expressions and speech mannerisms, yet seems to get embarrassed relatively easily.


Major Story Points

Misaki's Return


  • His e-mail address is listed as "".
  • Ironically, his seiyū is also named Tetsu.
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