Tears Even in the Onihime's Eyes

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Kanji 鬼姫の目にも涙
Romaji Onihime no me ni mo namida
Volume Volume 2
Anime Episode 6
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Momoka Kibitsu, Sasuke Tsubaki, Sojiro Agata, Mimori Unyu, Moe Yabasawa, Suemasu, Sarukawa, both Kijima and Inui (blocked off by speech bubble)


The Sket Dan puzzles over what to do, as the only props they have left are the puppets of the Seven Dwarves. Momoka feels guilty and says that though she loves visiting the Sket Dan, she won't come back so they can seek the Student Council's forgiveness. Bossun assures her that her visits and the club disbanding are completely different issues. He then puts on his goggles to try and figure out what to do, but ultimately tells the group they should give it up.

On the day of the play, the Sket Dan meet the Student Council, and Agata apologizes for the earlier incident. The Student Council's play begins, and the Sket Dan are shocked to see Tsubaki playing the lead role. Agata explains that since Tsubaki punched Masaya, he took responsibility and stayed up all night to learn the part. The play ends with the kids' praise, and Agata asks if the Sket Dan could have beaten them. Bossun then reveals that the group is putting on a play regardless.

The curtain rises on a puppet show. The story tells of a lonely demon named Momo-onihime who is unable to make friends and ends up hurting people. She then meets the Stupid-onihime and after a fight, the two become friends and Momo begins to cry. The story turns out to be an allegory for Momoka and Himeko's relationship.

The audience is left in tears, and Agata admits that they are beaten. Though Tsubaki complains about the Sket Dan's ad-libbing, Agata tells him that the Sket Dan never lost track of their true objective of performing and touching the children with a topic important to them.

Tsubaki ends up calling off the competition and abandons the plan to dissolve the Sket Dan, even overlooking Momoka's visits.