Takuto Yagi / Tact
Yagi Takuto
Nickname Tact (タクト)
Takkun (タッくん)
Age 15/16
Gender Male
School Kaimei High School
Class 1-?
Likes Showing Off
Affiliation Pocket Dan
Relatives Kaoru Yagi (older sister)
Manga Debut Chapter 212

Takuto Yagi (八木卓人) or Tact (タクト) is the leader of the Pocket Dan and Bossun's counterpart. He is also Kaoru Yagi's younger brother.


Tact is a short first year/freshman with thick and scruffy hair, he has notably piercing eyes. He wears the standard school uniform with fancy pullovers instead of a jacket.


Tact appears cocky and confident in his own abilities. Due to his perfect memory he is top of the class in all his subjects and not afraid to say so. However, this attitude does mean that he lacks friends outside the Pocket Dan. Additionally he is extremely meek around his sister as he views her as terrifying.

Major Story Arcs

Cheeky Rookies

The first appearance of Tact and the Pocket Dan. Tact attempts to take over the Sket Dan Club after seeing their failed attempt to introduce the Sket Dan Club and believing them to be a bunch of inept idiots decides to throw them out or disband them so he can start the Club anew. Additionally the Pocket Dan's motive to take over is less pure than Sket Dan - they want to show off more than help others.

Special Abilities

  • Memory Mode - Effectively Tact's equivalent ability to Bossun. Tact has a perfect photographic memory that, when he concentrates, allows him to even pinpoint facts and thoughts so well he even remembers the date and time of his memories.
  • Tactical Expertise(Self-proclaimed) - The reason behind his namesake, Tact claims to be able to piece together everything he knows to create elaborate plans that he thinks are unlikely to fail. However, he will readily discard them if challenged (which often leads to his downfalls)
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