Takuto *****'s Weak Point

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Kanji 〇〇タクトのウィークポイント
Romaji 〇〇takuto no uiiku pointo
Tact, Silk, Smile, Bossun, Himeko, Moe Yabasawa, Kaoru Yagi, Ayumi Kuramoto, Switch, Rumi Fujisaki, Hōsuke


For some reason, Tact is reluctant to tell the Sket Dan his full name - even though the other two members of the Pocket Dan have no difficulty stating theirs. This makes Bossun insanely curious, so he and Himeko end up following Tact during the day to learn the latter's secret... which turns out to be that he is actually Yagi's younger brother!

After seeing Tact act completely differently around his sister, Bossun determines that she must be Tact's weak point. In actuality, however, Tact's 180 is because his sister is frightening when angry...