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Takaaki Uchida
内田 孝昭
Uchida Takaaki
Birthday November 13
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Height 162 cm.
Weight 52 kg.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
School Kaimei High School, Class 2-C
Relatives Mother
Manga Debut Chapter 21
Producing Uchida
Anime Debut Episode 14
Producing Uchida
Seiyū Shinnosuke Tachibana

Takaaki Uchida (内田 孝昭, Uchida Takaaki) is a student at Kaimei High School who doesn't stand out much due to his reserved personality. He continuously lied to his ill mother about having a large number of friends because he didn't want her to worry, and asked the Sket Dan to help him win a title in the "Number One Contest." Despite their efforts proving unsuccessful, he ended up being voted Class 2-C's "Number One Mr. Nice-Guy," as his classmates had noticed him doing small things to help around the classroom and school. He later tells Bossun about the yankees from Tachikawa High School.