Taisuke Mishima
Present | Young
三島 泰介
Mishima Taisuke
Age 20[1]
Birthday May 18
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 179 cm.
Weight 64 kg.
Relatives Father[2]
Manga Debut Chapter 83
Anime Debut Episode 46
Seiyū Taketora
Yuuka Nakatsukasa (young)

Taisuke Mishima (三島 泰介, Mishima Taisuke) is a man Bossun meets who is connected to his father's death.


When Taisuke was 5 years old, he chased a ball that had rolled into the street and was nearly hit by a car. He was saved, however, by Ryōsuke pulling him out of the way. Scared and uncertain of what to do, Taisuke picked up the gift bag Ryōsuke had been carrying and, after Ryōsuke told him to become a strong person who can reach out to others in need, fled back home.

Every year on that day, he has gone to the intersection where Ryōsuke died.



Major Story Points

Bossun's 15th Birthday

Fifteen years after Ryōsuke's death, a distraught Bossun ends up in the area and Taisuke rescues him from a group of delinquents. Noticing the similarity of appearance between Bossun and his savior, Taisuke learns both his savior's name and that Bossun is the man's son. Taisuke gives Bossun the gift bag Ryōsuke had been carrying, telling him that it seemed to have been a present for Ryōsuke's wife.


  • Ryōsuke Kirishima: Taisuke was heavily affected by Ryōsuke's final words to him, and has tried to become a person who didn't bring shame to them. He has always regretted that Ryōsuke died because of him.


  • "Those guys are famous delinquents around here. I don't have some big sense of justice or anything, but I couldn't just walk on by."[1]
  • (to Bossun, about Ryōsuke) "I remember clearly the words your father said to me that day. I lived thinking I wanted to become a person who didn't shame those words."[1]


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