Switch On (9)

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Kanji スイッチ・オン⑨
Romaji Suicchi on 9
Volume 28
Yūsuke Fujisaki, Hime Onizuka, Kazuyoshi's Mother, Kazuyoshi Usui


Yūsuke and Hime, with Kazuyoshi's mother's permission are now standing right in front of Kazuyoshi's room to conceive Kazuyoshi to go outside, that his brother's Masafumi's death wasn't his fault, and that Kazuyoshi is the most suitable person to be the third member of the club Yūsuke wanted to create.

They will bring Kazuyoshi outside, even if they have to break the door, and Kazuyoshi's heart.

And suddenly, a shadow of his brother Masafumi appears. He said that he'll help Kazuyoshi to open the door.

In the present day, where the Sket Dan are now at Usui's family grave, praying for Masafumi Usui. Switch says to Bossun that he opened up the door for him...

Not really opened, but broken. When Hime's Cyclone breaks Kazuyoshi's room window, a hand appears and thus the owner with his serious face yells at him to come outside.