Switch On (6)

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Kanji スイッチ・オン⑥
Romaji Suicchi on 6
Volume 28
Hime Onizuka, Yūsuke Fujisaki, Kazuki Okuyama, Kazuyoshi Usui


While Hime's fight has started and playing the defense to buy time, Yūsuke searching for the moderator. He then sees a red light, like when a recorder is on.

Yūsuke thus caught him, which is Okuyama. He asked if Okuyama is the Ura Site's moderator, he nods.

After a several debate, Yuusuke tells Okuyama to delete the Ura Site. Okuyama says he's not the true moderator but the former moderator. There's another one who acts as the moderator.

Ura Site was originally created by Okuyama. One day, he received an email from someone anonymous, but knows that Okuyama is the moderator of the Ura Site. If he doesn't want his identity exposed, he must follow the sender's order. Since then, he has no control over it, and just follow what the sender is said like recording each of death fight.

Yūsuke asks what the sender addressed himself as, Okuyama answers it's "Badman". Remembering something, Yūsuke then asks Hime the photo where his butt kicked by Hime. He realizes that they made a mistake but at the same time, the photo can be serve as a clue. He then put his Poppman Goggles and enters his concentrate mode.

Yūsuke then realizes that the photo took by Captain during the first trimester, where the shoe cupboard was replaced from old wooden to metal lockers during the summer break. While they used the aforementioned photo in one of their fake requests, they made a mistake: the photo was said to be taken “the day before yesterday” in the email.

Normal people should notice this mistake, but the moderator didn't. Like he hasn't used it, or he never attended school since before summer break. This mistake leads Yūsuke to a person he knows;

"Kazuyoshi Usui"

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