Switch On (11)

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Kanji スイッチ・オン⑪
Romaji Suicchi on 11
Volume 28
Kazuyoshi Usui, Otakura, Kenichi Katagiri, Yūsuke Fujisaki, Hime Onizuka, Tetsuji Chūma


The class 1-E's attention are now focused to Kazuyoshi Usui's presence. Otakura comes to him and asks if he wants the limited edition of Reality Maji T-Shirt he bought from an event. Kazuyoshi replies him with his synthesized voice software, Reality Maji's voice, not in harmony with the expression on his face. But success makes Otakura "passed out".

Some of the boys come near him, asking about the synthesized voice software. Kazuyoshi explains it was made by his late brother. He also explains that from now on, he'll talk from his laptop. Everybody seem okay with that.

On break, Yūsuke and Hime come to him. They'll see Chūma, a teacher that they thought will be good for a supervisor. At first, Chūma doesn't want because it's so troublesome. But Kazuyoshi's long presence and his only request, makes him reconsider. He then agrees with one condition: the room must be set up as a place where he can have a smoke and take a nap.

Now they got 3 members and a supervisor. The last obstacle is to get the permission from the Student Council president. The last time Yūsuke and Hime asked, he rejected it instantly.

But unexpectedly, the president is now instantly accepts their club founding application. The president already changed from the last time to Sojiro Agata.

And then, a nickname. Kazuyoshi wants everyone to call him "Switch" for a reason, but not because he still intends to becoming his brother.

And then for Yūsuke. He wants to be called "Boss". After a long debate, Hime suggests "Bossun" and Yūsuke likes it.

The last one is for Hime. Yūsuke suggests "Oniko" but instantly rejected by her. In the end, she got "Himeko" it's cute to adding "-ko" on her name, according to "Bossun".

And then, it's decided on that day, on December 5, 2008.

Club president (of course) will be Yūsuke Fujisaki while the vice president is Hime Onizuka. And Kazuyoshi Usui will be the secretary.

The Kaimei Academy's helper and support club "Sket Dan", founded.