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Kanji スイッチ・オン①
Romaji Suicchi on 1
Yusuke Fujisaki, Hime Onizuka, Captain, Kenichi Katagiri, Masamune Shinjō (Sojiro's predecessor), Kazuyoshi Usui


Jumping back to the time when Yusuke and Hime, before they were nicknamed like now, wanted to create a club called "Sket-Dan" but they can't because they need at least three members to create a club, a club name ending with "~club", and a teacher as their advisor. They posted a promotional poster but got a request from Kenichi Katagiri, to take down the school's site called "Ura Site", that was bullying the students from the looks of what was written on there. But both Yusuke and Hime are not familiar with computers, and Yusuke knew only one person who is good in that. The problem is, that student is a hikkikomori...

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