Switch Off, Part 3

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Kanji スイッチ・オフ 後編
Romaji Suichi ofu kōhen
Volume Volume 5
Anime 25
Kazuyoshi Usui, Masafumi Usui, Sawa Yamauchi


An-chan arrives to see Switch loaded onto an ambulance, dead. At the hospital, his mother sobs and calls the two boys by name, revealing that Switch is Masafumi while An-chan is Kazuyoshi. The police tell the family that Yukino had meant to kill Sawa, but decided at the last last minute that killing the one she loved would be more painful. Kazuyoshi then realizes that the murder is his fault, since he told Yukino that Sawa and Masafumi were together. Resentful that Masafumi died despite having a bright future while he himself is still alive, Kazuyoshi gets a haircut and fake glasses - appearing as he does in the present, looking like Masafumi. He explains to his mother that he doesn't want to replace Switch, he just wants to make sure the latter isn't forgotten.

Sawa's family decides to move away, since the town now carries emotional baggage for them. Kazuyoshi goes to say goodbye to her, and she tells him not to blame himself. She leaves in tears while the two confess to having loved each other all along.

At school, Kazuyoshi tells his classmates to call him Switch, while whispered rumors about Masafumi's death are passed around. One day, thinking that his daily routine is meaningless, Kazuyoshi remains at home and cries. Remembering how his words caused Masafumi's death, he stops speaking.

Some time later, a hand reaches out to him to pull him back to his feet...