Switch Off, Part 1

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Kanji スイッチ・オフ 前編
Romaji Suichi ofu zenpen
Volume 5
Anime 24 and 25
Kazuyoshi Usui, Masafumi Usui, Sawa Yamauchi, Yukino Hirai


The chapter is narrated by the older brother, Kazuyoshi, who explains the origin of the nickname Switch, which comes from combine the "Usui", their surname and "ichi". He admits that Masafumi (nicknamed Switch), though younger, is smarter than him, especially at computers.

Kazuyoshi meets Sawa, a childhood friend and neighbor, walking home with her friend Yukino. Sawa explains that recently, an unknown guy has been stalking her. Masafumi comes in to see Sawa, and the three look at Masafumi's voice-synthesizing software. Sawa jokes that Switch should marry her, making Kazuyoshi uncomfortable.

The next day, Sawa comes by with a threatening letter she'd received. Kazuyoshi insists that they contact the police, but Masafumi suggests that they take care of it themselves, since the stalker has yet to do anything. He suggests buying a taser and gives the information to Sawa and Kazuyoshi. Impressed, Sawa praises Switch. Upset again, Kazuyoshi tells Masafumi to go with Sawa to buy it in his place. Masafumi leaves while telling Kazuyoshi that he doesn't like his resentful attitude.

While moping, Kazuyoshi sees Yukino by Sawa's house. She informs him that Sawa's stalker, Shinji, once stabbed someone with a knife and now carries one at all times. Kazuyoshi immediately worries about Sawa and Switch, on their way to the store.

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